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    Quick question

    People always say that Kabuto "has dsm and 30 edo summons, so he's number 1 or 2!"
    But his edos are sealed up, dsm and Oro's chakra are gone.

    So if you say Kabuto gets those powers in top ten, shouldn't these people get the same treatment?

    People misunderstood: This list is not a "who's stronger list". It's a list of people who also lost their powers and didn't get credit for it, unlike Kabuto has lost powers and still gets credit.

    1. Gaara (shukaku)
    2. Sasuke (oro's chakra, snakes, cs2)
    3. Itachi with shisui's eye?
    4. Obito with 6 edo biju
    5. Orochimaru with edo Madara
    6. Madara with Kurama
    7. Hashirama with all 9 beasts

    So it'd be:

    1. Current gaara+Shukaku
    2. Current Sasuke+Manda, snakes, Oro's chakra, and cs2
    3. Itachi with Komotatsukami
    4. Obito+jubi+6 biju
    5. Orochimaru with edo Hokages+Edo Madara
    6. ems Madara+jubi+Kurama+rinnegan+mokuton
    8. Hashirama+9 biju
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