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    New world prediction theory

    My thoughts on what the cards mean:

    Now we all know Kaido is the guy who will lose most if Joker can’t produce Sad anymore; I also remembered the reaction of the brokers right when Luffy defeated CC. Particularly the info about Jack. The way they spoke about his interference like it was a big deal makes me think that he’s not some ally/subordinate to Joker. I think that he must be someone powerful enough inside the Broker world, someone worthy of the “Jack” in cards. Someone who goes toe to toe with Joker, Queen and King… Someone like Kaido… To support this more, I refer you to Law’s expectation of an opportunity to take down Kaido IF they kidnapped CC, and the immediate conclusion that the brokers came to of Jack interfering as soon as they saw CC being kidnapped, it’s hardly a coincidence that two very powerful figures would react the same way, which makes me think they are one and the same.

    Since Joker is a Shichibukai, and Jack is a Yonko, the only ones worthy of being Queen, King and Ace are the other three yonko, so I think that the card code names are as follows:

    - Joker: wild card, unexpected, and able to replace any other card properly and play it’s role… this fits perfectly with the image of Doflamingo

    - Jack: typically the army commander or knight, not so strong, but still very powerful compared to other cards due to his experience with battle and/or numbers under him. Generally values pure strength… IF Kaido is the guy with the SAD army, along with his epithet, this figure is perfect for him.

    - Queen: The queen is generally selfish, not necessarily evil, but prone to deviousness in achieving her goals, and very good at bargaining… Big Mom anyone?

    - King: Fair, strong, kind and ambitious, inherited the spot from his father (or father figure)… Shanks

    - Ace: was one of the weakest once upon a time, but his time to shine came at last, and he can beat even the king when the right time comes, He’s the one who guides the next rebellion and becomes the next king. In the case of One Piece, he would be favorite for the Pirate King spot… Blackbeard (ironic that he’s the one who took down Ace, who now that I think about it, would have made a better Ace card if he didn’t die)

    I think that they will be taken down nin that exact order: Joker, then Jack, then Queen, then King, then Ace…

    My thoughts about Law's plan:

    Joker is now kind of maintaining the equilibrium of the NW with his dealings... so if he stops providing the underworld with merchandise that is very hard to get without him, everybody will start fighting everybody for the leftovers, and the marines will take the opportunity to arrest as many big names as possible, and since Kaido is Joker's biggest client, he'll be in the middle of the fray, and he'll be involved in all parts of the fighting, which will scatter his forces and make him vulnerable for the supernova to take him down.
    The question is how is Law planning to take Joker down? The answer to that question came in this very chapter.

    Law apparently gave Joker two options:

    1) Take wing under Kaido and abandon his status as a shichibukai, which will make him a regular pirate, making him vulnerable to marines chasing him

    2) Never hope to get CC back, and be the subject of Kaido's wrath. Of course, Joker will want to get CC back by force, which he is capable of doing, but Law is not gonna make it easy even to find him in time. He knows how to hide.

    The better option for Joker seems to be the first one, since he doesn't know where to find Law to take CC back by force, and a full confrontation with a Yonko is going to spell both their dooms sooner, since the other Yonko and the marines will feed on both Joker and Kaido like sharks,and Joker will lose his status anyway if he gets weakened too much.

    Then, if he indeed revokes his status:

    1) it will become more difficult for him to deal in the underworld, because he's gonna need to hide properly like all other pirates, which will make him less important since the marines are at least gonna be interrupting a lot of his deals and trying to sabotage his work.

    2) If the marine admirals will indeed be after him, it's just a matter of time before he actually gets captured, because he's not a Yonko, his territory is not as big as one, and he's not as strong as one. Not to mention that the marines will not be holding back since he'll be considered a traitor, and since he's even more evil than some Yonko (namely Shanks). So, slowly, he'll get weaker over time, or he'll forever forsake his dream of becoming pirate king and become a straight out subordinate to Kaido.

    But what is the best option for Law, the one he's hoping for. Of course, Law expects Joker to choose what's best for him, which is to revoke his title. However, Law did not say that he will immediately give him CC back. Law might still have other conditions to stall for time. So if Law really is smart, he's not gonna give Joker back CC, he's gonna make him wait until Kaido gets inpatient and Joker is cornered between the marines and Kaido, which will spell his doom completely and give him a one way ticket to impel down.

    Then, this is the conclusion that i drew: Joker will fall by the hands of others ganging up on him. Jack will be weakened enough for Law and Luffy to take him down now. Queen will crush the other alliance, and then Luffy will form a new bigger alliance and take her down (Kidd will be part of it). Then, after a while of fighting between the supernova, Luffy will finally triumph and become strong enough to take down a yonko by himself, and he'll meet Shanks, fight him and give him the hat etc... then he'll go off to Raftel and fight Balckbeard there. Then, the final war will occur as Whitebeard predicted.

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    Re: New world prediction theory


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    Re: New world prediction theory

    Great theory but your missing out on a big thing.. i know we all want to see the law luffy and kid alliance but i have a feeling its going to be drake
    First off, when x drake first entered the new world he went to one of the favourite islands of kaido's and purposely wanted the attention of kaido seen in his conversation with that cyborg (forgot his name). so think about it wouldnt it make sense to have x drake on the alliance since he doesnt seem as evil as kid. plus kid has become even more corrupted, do you really think luffy would like to have an alliance with kid? NO but there could be a possibility of kid arriving at the scene if luffy and law battle kaido and then joins in but not by their side.. just my thoughts xD

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