Orochimaru is not the strongest shinobi in history for the love of god..

1. Sasuke is in control of the whole scenario if anything he will be the one who is strongest.
2. Nine tails army > 4 hokages
3. Oro isn't going to rise as a main antagonist again, sasuke can own orochimaru now with ems if itachi could with ms. There are no control talismans on the hokages and sasuke isnt gonna let him control those hokages. Believe that.
4. Where can you find one shred of evidence that oro is definitively better than jiraiya? I say this cause there are lots of ninja better than jiraiya meaning your boy oro isn't even top 5
5. Oro < Nagato
6. The main villain is by and far Madara uchia.. He been running game and manipulatin the whole shinobi world since before orochimarus parents were even born. Madara is the real OG you know this.
7. Oro stated he could be killed by 4 tails naruto, what do you think km naruto could do?
8. Even if orochimaru controls the hokages, What do you think that GAI and Kakashi naruto with kurama chakra share and lets say sai for sealing would do to oro and the 4 hokages? Considering rock lee fodderized edo Madara team naruto would crush them with imputiny.

Orochimaru isn't the greatest shinobi of all time, face it.
Ps maybe you aren't creepy but being an oro fanboy connotates "creepy"