lol same thing when Kabuto fought itachi and sasuke... peeps be praising as god. lmao, now that oro has the main squad that Kabuto couldn't get hes all of a sudden the strongest. Oro is definitely up on the list but some people just overdoing it... he will be a big threat tho. First of all, how do you kill him? dudes survive the ultimate weapon. It's going to be hell if he doesn't use the talismans... or better yet he perfect it even further than Kabuto, Not talismans needed. That be dope. One of those time where the master says, I taught you all you know, not what I know... Oro owns both his apprentices Kabuto and Sasuke. Kabuto in knowledge and Sasuke in Strength. nuff said tho lol sry for going on a little long just wanted to get some of my thoughts out.