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:rofl: Read Early Naruto Manga Again, Bro!
Don't You Know Mokuton Clone Is Different From Shadow Clone?
And Minato Have Never Shown That He Can Create A Lot Of Clone In The Manga (Maybe He Can't Balance His Chakra Well)
But Madara Could Create 25 Clones And Each Clone With A Susanoo. It Seems That He's Good at Balance His Chakra
However, Naruto Is Better Than Madara At Balancing Chakra. That Why He Can Create Hundreds Of Clone :D
Uhm no...just...no. I think you need to re-read the manga. Shadow Clones are a Jonin level ninjutsu. Any jonin can create them. And Naruto sucked at balancing chakra. He was the worst for it amongst team 7. Kakashi mentioned this back in Part I. The reason why Naruto can create so many clones is because of his Uzumaki blood. He has a huge chakra reserve. Madara only created 25 clones to mock the Kage. Mei told him it was a 5 on 1 fight. So to make light of them he turned the numbers around and made 25(5 madaras fot each kage) he could have easily made 50 for each of them but he was playing with them.

Now let's go back to the clones. The reason why there was a balance for clones was because of the way the user's chakra is distributed among them. When you have a limited amount of chakra you can only create a certain amount of clones with out draining you own reserves and having fodder clones that can't do anything against an opponent. They are Edo so they have unlimited chakra. Madara would not have been able to give his 25 clones Susanoo if he were not Edo. If he did, he would be left in a weekend state and the 5 kage would have won.

By the way...your fanboyism is showing