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    Brains over Brawn. The truly strong, Minato and Hiruzen!

    Please read and give me your thoughts.......I know it's long, but it's damn near proper English and worth the read...:o

    The two most dangerous Hokage out of the bunch. The tactical geniuses.

    Senju's are revered for their strong life force, physical energy and immense chakra. They have more raw power over all, possibly even strength as well.

    Hashirama's chakra was the strongest out of them all. So full of life energy that he could photosynthesise plants that he birthed by combining Earth and Water elements of his chakra, on a scale so large, he created forests in an instant. His wounds would heal themselves due to that chakra he possessed. He had a god given ability of supressing the Bijuu with his chakra and controlling them like pets.

    Yes, Hashirama has a lot of power and strength. But power and strength alone do not insure victory.

    We have already seen an example of that in part 1, old Hiruzen, beaten, humiliated, out of chakra, out of strength and out of stamina, still managed to put the Senju brothers and Orochimaru's arms away with his quick thinking and vast knowledge of jutsu. He performed 2 Forbidden jutsus that day, Kage Bunshin and Shiki Fuujin. He was known for possessing a 1000 and performing them efficiently and masterfully! Old age and depleted chakra reserves were his weaknesses that day. Now, he has none, except for the fact that he is under his own students spell.

    Minato.....honesty.....I don't even know where to start, let's just review the Kyuubi incident...

    Countered a full Tailed Beast Bomb by the Ninetails with a space time barrier, the likes of which has never been shown in anyone else's arsenal, ever!

    Survived being warped by the Kamui.(Which no one has ever done)

    Defeated the Kamui and Obito in under 10 seconds and relinquished the Ninetails from his control, further injuring him after fully landing a Rasengan, with a kunai stab and a contract seal in the same move.

    Made Obito literally run away after getting praised by him as a true Hokage who deserved his moniker as the Yellow Flash.

    Dropped Gamabunta on the Kyuubi and immediately warped himself along with him and his Bijuu Dama to a safe distance away from the village.

    Warped his wife and his son to the Kyuubi, put up a full physical barrier to keep outsiders out.

    Performed Shiki Fuujin, took away the Yin half of the Kyuubi, poured his own chakra and Kushina's inside Naruto, which would be activated at certain critical moments in Naruto's life.

    Sealed Yang half of the Kyuubi in Naruto with the Four Element seal.

    Seriously........ I mean, if that's not the most dangerous Hokage ever, then, you're on drugs. I am a Hiruzen fan myself, not that fond of Minato, but his ability, it scares me!

    The Senju Hokage have great strength and power, they are the brawn, and they will definitely get the job done with sheer force.

    Minato and Hiruzen, their efficiency with jutsu, vast knowledge, and godly intellect will stomp all, guaranteed!

    Brains will always overcome brawn.

    I know what you all will say, "Madara called Hashirama the strongest shinobi!" "Kabuto said Hashirama's power was considered as just a legend."

    People, can't jump to conclusions every time a character in the manga says something(It is not Kishi saying it himself). You must analyse the manga yourself, with your eyes and brain, don't depend on the manga to give you the answers, learn to think!

    What Madara said can be rendered useless by this simple example from the manga itself:

    When Naruto mastered Sage Mode, Fukasaku said he had surpassed all those who came before him! Let's see, that includes all the Hokage and the Sannin. Is that true?

    When Naruto tamed the Ninetails and activated Kyuubi mode, Yamato said he wasn't on the Fourth's level yet.

    You people think that Kishi keeps contradicting himself, but Kishi isn't the one saying these words, his characters are!

    What each character states is a reflection of that characters own experience.

    So when Madara said Hashirama was the strongest, he was speaking from his own experience. Madara hasn't fought any of Konoha's true Hokage's except for Hashirama. So how can you take his opinion for fact and say Kishi contradicted himself? You guys just aren't thinking it through!

    Kabuto said Hashirama's power was like a fairy tale, this I agree with, his power was greater than any of the Hokage's. Like I said, he created entire forests, bend the Bijuu to his will. He had great power!

    But power doesn't always win the game, Minato is the greatest tactician in the NV, his tactical genius can overcome power of any level! I stand by that statement.

    Again, please learn to assess the manga yourself, Kishi has not contradicted himself even once.
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