[QUOTEraphsin;10153918]-theres no conformation where a bijuu would get revived so it could appear near another village for all they know, meaning that minato would more than likely lose kurama. That was something he couldnt let happen because kurama is the leafs only bijuu, that would cut their military power in half which would leave them wide open for another attack (there was civil unrest between nations at the time)
-obito and minato are on par in terms of intelligence ill say because while minato has good analytical skills, obito has just shown more feats concerning intelligence throughout the entire manga, and yes i do know thats because of more screen time but thats also the reason why i say they are "on par"

-again, if minato didnt die and just let kurama get revived somewhere else, then that could've been a disaster for the leaf regardless of what minato did. It wasnt the right thing to do it was literally the only thing to do

- he didnt really want to start a war as his main goal was to annihilate the uchiha clan

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oh okay i see, then we're gonna have to agree to disagree then :y
Where are you getting that he wanted to destroy the uchiha clan from?