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    (DrProof) Uzumaki Clans Reversal Sealing Mask


    I have recently conjured up a theory about the Uzumaki Clans Shinigami Mask, possibly the remaining mask left in the temple were also used to reverse sealing techniques that were seemingly irreversible? What I can concur is that there were 27 different Shinigami Mask[1], and of those 27 one was taken (to reverse the Reaper Death Seal technique[2]), but to what serve the other 26 mask, and other possible side effects? (Orochimaru had to be sacrificed in order to perform the reversal of the Reaper Death Seal[3]) Here are a couple theories..

    • Reversing twenty-six other Sealing techniques.
    • The user must sacrifice him/her self and/or others.
    • The user must seal one or several body parts forever.

    The Uzumaki Clan were heavily known for their sealing prowess, and it was also stated that their sealing processes "were a little rough.".[4] I believe when they state the sealing process to be "rough", I deduce this statement to meaning sacrificial of oneself/others or belongings. (body parts etc.) That being said, the huge tole of such Sealing techniques were because they were the most feared due to their power in Kushina/Minato's Era.[5] Mito Uzumaki, being able to seal Kurama within herself (able to seal a Bijuu takes an advanced Sealing technique) while also suppressing her chakra was a clear acknowledgment of the said statement.. The masks could have possibly been used to seal Kurama inside of early Uzumaki hosts.


    • The Uzumaki Clan's other 26 Shinigami Mask (except the one used by Orochimaru as we've seen the use) could possess reversal sealing power.
    • All 27 Shinigami Mask have a permanent "side effect" to the user of the Shinigami Mask.
    • Uzumaki Clan's Shinigami Mask possibly could have also not just reversed sealing, but used to seal stronger targets example: To seal Kurama repeatedly in early Uzumaki host.

    Addition by Noddy:
    Quote Originally Posted by Noddy View Post
    I think that those masks all have the power to call forth a specific 'Oni' or 'demon' - Minato and Hiruzen were just able to find a way of using the Shinigami with handseals alone. What each demon is capable of, I don't know, but perhaps they all have varying levels of sealing power. Also, the Uzumaki clan were described as being 'abit savage'.
    Addition by SasoriOfTheRedSaand:
    Quote Originally Posted by SasoriOfTheRedSaand View Post
    It's simple really. The Uzumaki were renowned, and feared throughout the ninja world for being experts in sealing. The fact that one of the masks was able to overturn such a risky jutsu, has led me to believe the 25 other masks possess the same ability. Since the Uzumaki's jutsu consist primarily of sealing techniques, it isn't far fetched to believe the remaining masks allow one to overturn a sealing jutsu. As Itachi said, every jutsu has a weakness, and as Noddy and youself said, they're a bit rough and savage, meaning their reverse sealing methods were bound to be brutal, plus discovering a way to overturn such a jutsu is handy in it's own right...
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