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    Eugeo ユージオ | V.1

    Name: Eugeo ユージオ
    Nickname: /
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Clan: Yuki 雪

    Looks: Eugeo is a young man of average height with medium length blonde hair and green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a blue with white jacket, a pair of black pants and combat boots. Strapped to the left side of his belt Eugeo carries a scabbard containing an unusually designed sword which has a blue-ish tint and the hilt is designed with a rose bud-like ornament.

    Personality: Eugeo gives off a kind, generous, level-headed and friendly vibe but also tends to be a bit arrogant and naive at times. He displays a great displeasure of killing, unless provoked in which case he can kill his enemies in cold blood. Overall he displays great comradeship.

    Village of Birth
    Village of Alliance

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Water Release | Wind Release | Genjutsu
    Elements Your Ninjutsu
    水 Water Release → Mastered Genjutsu → Mastered
    風 Wind Release → Mastered Taijutsu → Mastered
    土 Earth Release → Mastered Ninjutsu → Mastered
    火 Fire Release → Mastered Kenjutsu → Mastered
    雷 Lightning Release → Mastered Summoning → Stingrays
    氷 Ice Release → Needs training Customs → Link
    雨 Rain Release → Needs training

    History: Eugeo was born as a member of Kirigakure's Yuki clan but didn't remain in his homeland for long. His parents were worried about raising a child of the Yuki clan in a society where they were hated for things that happened in a civil war years ago thus a few months after Eugeo's birth they moved far away to Iwagakure. Even before entering the Ninja Academy Eugeo showed he truly belonged to the Yuki clan being able to manipulate small sources of water at merely the age of seven.

    At the age of ten Eugeo enrolled into Iwagakure's Ninja Academy, he was a rather passive student with average results during his exams except for one subject in which he excelled, Genjutsu. Eugeo was always interested in the concepts of Genjutsu and spent many hours studying in it. He graduated from the Ninja Academy after one year and two years later Eugeo who had grown greatly in the use of the Water Element and began showing his natural affinity in using the Wind Element entered the Chuunin Exams which he managed to pass without too much trouble. Five years passed since then and Eugeo has grown into a full-fledged Shinobi.

    At one point Eugeo travelled to Amegakure in order to learn the arts of Rain release, however before he was allowed to learn it Eugeo had to proof his mastery over the wind and water elements in a test which he managed to pass.

    Water Release: Eugeo is exceptionally gifted at suiton, having it both as a specialty and first affinity he can perform all water jutsu with but one handseal. Eugeo managed to harness his water chakra properly after training vigoursly and soon grew to be adept in the use of water jutsu. He often practices his water jutsu and with help has gained a fair understanding of the water element.

    Wind Release: Eugeo's second affinity is futon, also being one of the elements which make up his Kekkei Genkai. He honed his skills in the use of wind chakra through training vigoursly and grew adept in the use of wind jutsu and although he was unable to harness wind chakra to the same extent as wind chakra he is able to perform wind jutsu at a faster rate than the average shinobi.

    Summoning: On the inside of his lower left arm Eugeo has a tattoo which resembles a Stingray and by swiping his blood across it Eugeo is able to summon a wide variety of Rays to aid him in battle aswell as use a variety of unique techniques. The Rays hail from the Lake of Antiquity, an epitome of beauty with nature untouched and unspoiled by the average human.

    Weapons: Strapped on the left side of his waist Eugeo carries a one-handed long sword named Blue Rose. The sword has a light blue colour. The hilt is resigned with an ornament which looks like a rose bud and it branches of into two linear directions in the shape of leaves. The part inbetween the primary part of the blade and the hilt is thinner than the rest of the blade and two parts branch off, both parts are shaped like halved triangles. The blade is of a standard shape and is roughly ninety six centimeters long and is sheated in a scabbard of similair design. The scabbard has an even lighter tone of blue except for at the top where on both sides there's a triangle of roughly ten centimeters long with a rose bud ornament at the top and other matching details.

    Won: 3
    Lost: 1

    (カイアスバラッド) - Caius Ballad

    Rain Test:

    Permission for Ice Release:
    (fifth VM from the top)

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