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    Zancrow"Flame God Slayer"

    Basic Info


    Nickname:Flame God Slayer


    Eye Color: Dark Red

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Zancrow has long and spiky blond hair that reaches down to his lower back. He is usually depicted with a psychotic grin on his face as he shows his teeth. His red or pink pupils consist of several concentric circles, which further enhances his crazed appearance. He wears a yellow and dark blue skirt-like armor with a red waist ribbon that exposes the right side of his chest as well as his right shoulder, where his guild mark tattoo is located.


    Zancrow has a psychotic nature to match his appearance and is seen laughing with a high-pitched laugh and/or cackle at almost every occasion. He has a violent nature, as he gets excited over the idea of burning people to ashes. On Tenrou Island, when he overheard some of his lesser-rank subordinates cautioning him on Natsu Dragneel's strength, he roasts them with his flames as he considers Grimoire Heart to be the superior guild, which has no need for weaklings. His personality is similar to that of Gajeel Redfox's when he was first introduced as a member of Phantom Lord, since he believed his own guild was the strongest, and would not hesitate to attack those who disagreed with him on that, be it an ally or an enemy.

    An example of arrogance of Zancrow - a comparison of a Dragon to a gecko
    Though he appears to be kind towards his fellow kins, such as when he comforts Meredy after Ultear's scolding, he seems to hold no genuine concern for anyone, gleefully expelling Meredy from the guild after discovering she and Ultear's betrayal,and even taunting her by revealing that Ultear, who Meredy loved as a mother, is the one who destroyed her hometown.The only member of his guild he seems to have any respect for is Hades himself, and becomes angered whenever he thinks anyone even jokes about defeating him Despite his normally hotheaded mentality, he was also intimidated by Makarov's fearsome Titan Magic like the rest of his companions (excluding his master Hades).

    Rank Info

    Raiton > Mastered
    Futon > B Rank
    Katon > C Rank
    Doton > C Rank
    Suiton > D Rank



    Village Info

    Village of Birth:Konoha
    Village of Alliance:Konoha

    Background Info

    Zancrow was born in Konohagakure.He grew up with his parents,Blazer and Vulcan.They were the toughest couple in Konoha.They trained everyday in hand to hand combat even though they werent part of a ninja clan.
    Once Zancrow was only 5 years old,he began training with them.He was the youngest kid in Konoha to ever train so intensely.Once Zancrow turned just seven he wanted to join the ninja academy.They let him in due to his parents threatening the sensei's.



    Dropping Kuroh Yatogami

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