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    if jiraiya told naruto about war

    ignore the title...
    i heard complaints about characters pasts being revealed by Kishi
    only when they're in a big fight
    example: Zaku, Kabuto,Kimimaro,Sasori,Obito(kinda)
    Jiraiya training 3 students before minato being revealed out of the blue kinda
    at the most opportune time when he goes to kill Pein.
    This time for battle.....

    Do you think it would have added more mystery to the story if Jiraiya
    would have had talks with Naruto(or someone) about (subliminal way)
    that sometimes shinobi experience war and not want to return home..
    after a while sometimes never... So we(the readers) would have
    somewhat of an anticipated backstory between Jiraiya and Pein...

    i mean wouldnt it have been nice to come up with theories
    on who Jiraiya trained previously to Minato...
    Or you know instead of characters having flashbacks only when its their biggest fight
    like Kabuto had vs Itachi

    what do you think?

    (off topic)
    also did you think Jiraiya would meet up with Orochimaru
    and save(?) Sarutobi sensei during the invasion.
    Bring Down the House Jutsu
    i was so excited...
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