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    DLC for America...

    Is anyone else worried that america has only gotten 1 dlc item (goku naruto)? I know we still have a month to go but I will die if I can't play with anbu itachi.

    PS: does anyone know if there is a deadline for pre-ordering?

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    Re: DLC for America...

    i think europe got the itachi one (those bastards)..or some other one ...we are stuck with goku only ..i think ..thats what a freind told me

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    Re: DLC for America...

    im not worried one bit cause i now ile be getting does dlc within in 1 or 2 months so theres no point in worrying there only doing this for marketing purposes sure U.S gets jack sh#t but a goku costume but that will be nothing when they release the dlc nation wide i always go throu this with bandai so im use to it. as for the preordering deadline sorry i have no clue

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