We know that Madara is a shell of his former self but i can't help but feel that that is not his body lol. I think that it is Uchiha Obito's Body.

why does he only use 1 eye(the right 1 which obito kept), why is it that tobi's ability is so similar to kakashi's(btw imagine if obito was alive and had both eyes he would pwn all and kakashi would be the master of lighting and he would have a lot more chakra since the sharingan wouldn't drain it....-.-)

If u look closely at tobi's ability, the manipulation of the time-space continuum, its usually from his eye. I think the real reason why kishi let kakashi get MS and achieve Kamui was so that we can see the similarities.

But forget about Madara lets look at naruto. The 4th said he only sealed half the kyubi's chakra in naruto meaning madara is likely get the other half(wherever it may be lol), also i think he will get the hachibi in the end and revive the juubi then naruto will have to use the the kyubi's chakra(lol i can see the kyubi going crazier when he sees madara then when he saw the 4th O.O) to defeat madara.

the only problem is that i don't see how sasuke fits into this...-.-.