Many fans here underestimate Uchiha Obito's power. He is the one that controlled Nagato, Hee was the Leader of Akatsuki behind the shadows ever since, he controlled Sasuke, he continued Madara's plan and was the one that actualized it, He caused Kushina's death, he caused Minato's death, he was able to use akatsuki to capture 7 jinchurikis, He killed Konan, He spurred Yahiko to form Akatsuki, He helped Itachi destroy the Uchiha clan and he is single-handedly controlling the jubi even Madara was AFRAID that the juubi couldn't handle it. He is more of a bad guy than Madara. Madara died like so many years ago and he comes back and starts spamming jutsus. That doesn't mean he is worse than Obito. Obito is the main antagonist of the series. Seriously speaking, Uchiha Obito and Uzumaki Naruto are the most succesful characters in the narutoverse. Obito was also intelligent. He always had a plan B and was willing to wait to get what he wanted. At a very young age he faced his master and almost killed him though he lost but inthe process his plan eventually caused his master's death.