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1)Naruto-No point he's just too good for them
2)Sasuke-Same as Naruto
3)Lee-The second fastest in K12 and his 5 Gates can beat anyone below the him.
4)Neji-Best Taijutsu and blocks chakra points(instant ko for people above and below if he lands a hit)
5)Choji-A huge target but he can take on anyone below him due the lack of projectile moves the people below have.
6)Shika/Shino-Both pretty smart i can see both of them beating each other.
7)Hinata-Weaker version of Neji and has the 3rd best Taijutsu on the list.
8)Akamaru-Don't know who Kiba is.
Lol at 8. Acid Urination no Justu

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You underrated Ino too much. Her technique worked even on Obito twice and if it hadn't, then the entire alliance would have been dead by now.
True story.