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    What people don't understand.............

    Alright.......everything that is said in this thread is from the heart:

    I have heard way too much of this particular statement on NB, although I consider myself to be relatively in control of my emotions and thoughts, I must admit that it's getting to me.

    The statement in question is...

    Tobi was cooler than Obito.

    First of all, let me portray my true feelings towards this statement and the people who make it....



    Now let me explain in short, why that statement is a sure sign of complete ignorance and a total lack of understanding for the author's motives and the story itself......

    In the simplest form, The Masked Man or Tobi, was Madara. You see, Obito had a job to do, given to him by the real Madara. No matter what his true feelings were towards the world and it's inhabitants, he had to MAKE SURE, with his actions and demeanour, that the world perceived him as the true Uchiha Madara.

    That was priority number 1

    For only a man of Madara's stature and reputation, could influence someone like Nagato and make his words believable. Because the world knows, that Uchiha Madara is not a man to be trifled with or taken lightly.

    He had a few things going for him as well, his Kamui. One of the strongest Mangekyou Sharingan techniques and the cells of probably one of the strongest men that ever lived and equally reputed as Madara, Senju Hashirama.

    These powers somewhat made it easy for Obito to project immense strength and ability, and made people believe even more that he was Madara.

    The hard part, was to act like Madara. Madara is arrogant and cunning but most of all.....Madara is the coolest person in the entire NV, by which I mean, he projects a completely calm and cool personality in all situations, even the ones that aren't in his favor. Madara never gets worked up or emotional.

    That was the most important thing for Obito to project with the mask on, an attitude that said, he had the upper hand, he was in control and he had nothing to worry about. Even if things weren't going well for him. After all, he had the greatest escape tactic in the entire NV, which is intangibility and instant transportation, Kamui.

    That is why in the Land of Iron, when he was standing right next to the man who killed Rin.......Kakashi, he calmly answered all their questions, he didn't once show his true emotions, he just casually had a chat with Naruto as Madara, and left with style and a polite goodbye.

    His greatest act came in front of Sasuke, where he had to establish himself as the man who knew all, in order to gain Sasuke's trust. So that he could mix in his lies with the truth to manipulate Sasuke's actions carefully, and send him after Konoha and the Kage Summit.


    Obito is a different man from Madara, but not by much.

    We get a glimpse of his true self against his fight with Konan, when he reveals his ugly, angrier side for a small moment:

    "There is no peace, there can be no hope."

    When the mask came off, and there was no more need to pretend, Obito's true personality surfaced!

    It means that not only did the removal of the mask reveal his face, but also who he really was on the inside!

    This particular change, is Kishi's writing at its absolute finest! Many people failed to see that.

    Obito is a much angrier, more ruthless man. He doesn't feel anymore need to keep his emotions under control. He lets himself go at times, you have seen this, when he mercilessly assaults Kakashi upon hearing Rin's name from his mouth.

    When he makes it known loudly and clearly, that he finds their current reality to be a useless failure of a world, which keeps producing trash like himself and Kakashi.

    He declares, that he will stop at nothing to erase this pathetic reality from existence at any and all cost.

    Uchiha Obito is arguably one of Kishimoto Masashi's greatest works as a writer, the other one being Naruto.

    I wanted to make sure you knew that and I hope you learned something from this.

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