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    Pointless Edo's...?

    Just wondering, what was the reason for Kabuto going through the trouble of finding the DNA of some of the people that he revived. I mean, some of the Edo's he revived were essentially almost pointless, such as:

    Shin (Had nothing special to bring to a fight)

    Sasori and Chiyo (Both immensely powerful in their lifetime, but they were essentially useless as Edo's, as Kabuto didn't give them any puppets to use, along with turning Sasori's puppet body into a normal Edo one, severely reducing their abilities, really giving them nothing but Taijutsu and Chakra strings)

    Fuguki (He was likely immensely powerful in his lifetime, when he had Samehada, but without it, all he could do was shoot needles around the place. Mangetsu would fall into the same category, but he did still have techniques such as the Liguify Jutsu for example.)

    I mean, seriously, why spend time hunting for the DNA of these people, and chakra controlling them, when he could have searched for the DNA of someone like Hatake Sakumo, who's power were said to be even above the Sannin, or maybe Jiraiya, as I'm sure he could have found the DNA somewhere around. I just don't get why these people were brought back tbh, they didn't even have much relevance in the story (although it was kind of nice to see how Sasori managed to change in his last moments)

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    Re: Pointless Edo's...?

    With Sasori, it was the emotional thing. With every one was just a waste...

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