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    Chapter 1: The collision of bands

    "When will we get there? I swear it has been for two days.” Complained Mimi who was lying upside down on the couch.

    “It’s only been three hours Mimi. We will be there soon I promise.” Said Adam who was driving. As the drive seemed like hours it was true. Only three hours passed causing the girls to complain of being bored. Steve held the camera recording the trip turned to his seat and pointed it to the back. Mimi was on the couch; Miku was lying on the floor reading while still in her pajamas; turning the camera more was Rayne who was snacking on ice cream like normal. Steve couldn’t find his little sister so he got up.

    “Where are you going?” asked Adam who glanced at Steve, “You know she doesn’t want to be on camera.”

    “I know but I’m older by two years. I can bug her that is what brothers are for.” Smiled Steve who wandered to the back. Only finding Alex who was dancing in her room, “Aw that is cute.”

    “Steve!” yelled Alex who then chased her brother from her room to the others, “Give that back!” he laughed holding the camera above his head. Alex was trying to get the camera causing her brother to fall back. Next thing that happens was something surprising. Steve hit Adam’s sit, scaring Adam to slam the brakes. The force of it all caused the girls to scream, worried what will happen. Stopping the bus on the side of the road, Adam turned to the others.

    “Is everyone ok?” a worried look and voice said glancing at everyone.

    “Yea we are good” said Steve and the girls, except for one.

    “Where is Alex?” looking around worried. Got up from his sit and soon looked around, catching a glimpse of Alex. He ran out the door and walked over to her quickly.

    “Alex, you ok?” asked Adam, placing his hand on her shoulder.

    “I thought…we were going to” a shaky voice came from Alex. She was soon cut off of from talking. Adam hugged her calming her down.

    “Don’t worry Alex. It won’t happen, not again.” He held her shaking body knowing what she was going to say. Looking towards the bus was Steve and the others. Steve walked over and slowly petted Alex’s head as she cried a little. Steve and Adam knew what she thought and what she as remembering. Adam gently picked up Alex knowing that if he let go of her, she would have collapsed to her knees and probably passed out. Instead of that, she passed out in his arms. Getting back on the bus Steve sat with Alex after Adam covered her over and then began to drive again. Steve placed his hand on her head and sighed.

    “Steve you know that we have to be careful. Her heart...” Adam said to Steve.

    “I know Adam. If anything bad happened; her heart condition mentally can give out to the point of hospitalization. She has recovered from the death of chase and it’s been two years. I’m worried about her. After that accident, she developed so many problems. She is on medication for the depression, she barely eats, her heart condition that is mentally ill, her passing out from the stress and fear, and then worse of it all, her mental state of wanting to die just so that she is with chase once more.” Steve explained, “The doctors are surprised that she is able to even be in a band and be able to sing, dance and blah blah blah.” Adam chuckled at Steve as they drove seeing the sign san Francisco 1 hour away. After the long drive, we finally arrive to the location. Alex who woke up soon before was already off the bus looking at the stage, seating’s and massive space.

    “Wow, amazing.” Said Alex as the others came in with their instruments.

    “I asked the guard and he said we can check the sound system and adjust it to the size of the room.” Said Adam who hands Alex her head set. They all walked on stage looking at each other.

    “Ok girls we will play as my brothers begin to adjust the system ok.” Said Alex who soon was hooking up her microphone. The girls were ready and soon miku tapped her drum sticks and began to play. Creating the others to join as Alex tapped her foot to the beat knowing her line.

    “3, 2, 1!” yelled Steve who soon was recording the girls movements and song.

    “Get up, get out everybody.” Said Alex who was beginning to sing her song. She knew the songs by heart because chase taught her how to learn the song once and know it. As she continued to sing the volume, bass were adjusted to the size and space. The music was loud enough but soon stopped. Everyone had their ears covered so did Alex.

    “It’s too loud for us…” muttered Mimi who had trouble looking at the others. The noise of the speakers were loud to the point our ears were being affected. Adam and Steve knew what to do and handed the girls ear plugs that would block most of the music out so they won’t hurt. The girls stood at their instruments fixing them up. As Alex began to adjust her microphone headset she heard snickering coming from the east wing of the stage. Glancing over, Alex had spotted a group of teens that where standing there. Knowing that they were a band due to the fact they were holding guitars and drumsticks.

    “Got a staring problem there?” asked alex who turned to them.

    “No, but it’s funny if girls can’t deal with the sound, why would you even be here?” Asked the guy who held a microphone in hand.

    “It is called that we are a band idiot.” Said alex who soon was getting mad.

    “Oh really now?” smirked one with a guitar in hands. He slammed his bass guitar strings on max and its echoed hurting alex’s ears. Covering her ears she became really ticked. Giving her head set to miku, she walked over. She punched the guy square in the jaw causing him to fall back. The singer for the guys grabbed alex by the arm and shoved her back. Alex really annoyed looked at him.

    “Girls are allowed to play music as much as guys can. You know that or else you are scared.” Smirked alex who then flinched. She placed her hand on her chest knowing what had happened. The anger levels were a little too high for her.

    “Oh did that hurt? By the way, its Alexander not idiot.” He said in a stern voice. Knowing the danger levels of what can happen, alex didn’t back down or walk away. She walked over to Alexander and shoved him back into the wall of it all.

    “No more being easy.” Alexander muttered under his breath. He stood up and suddenly tackled alex to the ground. She fought back causing both of them to roll on their backs. As they fought around, Trying to pin each other to the ground; the girls ran off to get her brothers. The other guys were trying to pull the two apart. There was punching, kicking, biting, pulling and yanking involved. Sunddely in a mishap, alex managed to pin him down by the wrists and legs. She looked down at him.

    “Don’t you dare mess with me you fool.” Growled alex. She slowly stood up, careful not to fall for any tricks. Alex glanced at the others who began to help Alexander up.

    “Idiots.” Said alex who began to walk away. With a sudden clatter of noise was heard, she turned her head. Alexander had tackled her once more, with full force causing them to fall off the stage and hit the floor. They both laid there on the ground neither touching, barely moving. A hand moved and Alexander sat up. He shook his head and glanced up towards alex who was laying there breathing. Breathing heavier and fasting then before. Worried that he might have injured her, he leaned over. Alex sat up quickly almost knocking heads with him. Before alexander could touch her, he saw blood dripping from her mouth. Adam and steve appeared. Adam picked up alex and left quickly with the girls. Steve glared at alexander slamming him to the ground.

    "What did you do? What did you say?" growled steve.

    "I didn't do anything. All I said was that she and the others can't deal with the sound. Then she punched me and we got into a fight." said alexander who was shaking a bit and looked at steve.

    "If that's all you did then don't touch her. She is our sister. We will not have guys like you hurting her." said steve who let go of alexander's neck. He left quickly while the girls followed. Alexander sat there, scared but worried.
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    Re: Chapter 1: The collision of bands

    Let me give you a tip- if youre gonna write a long narrative then its best that you do it by pieces. I dont mean a different post every time but that you hide parts by using the show more button. Readers here in NB are more prune to reading short pieces with the majority being dialouge. They usually are demotivated by the amount of text they see. Heres an example just follow the link in my sig.

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