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    Fairytail Starting to Suck

    Okay is it just me or is Fairytail starting to get boring all of the sudden. I mean with the tournament starting to go on and the Lucy Rescue going on at the same time are constantly dizzying me. I mean we hop to one place to another. I had last year found Fairytail and I caught up with it and started reading the manga (because of my patience with the filler, plus I was interested in the Sabertooth Dragon slayers) but its starting to pull on my hair. I mean its taking too longg. I know arcs are long and stuff, but the chapter are just detail after detail without any freaking telling of what happening in the fast small fights we're watching. I'm just confused. When does everyone's magic start to better because it is, I mean what the?!

    Just ughhhhh, what is going on with the manga, I'm like walking around in circles with it so...
    Help me understand...
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