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    [FearDeath] Secrets to Unlocking the Rinnegan Revealed

    This is a somewhat crazy Idea Ive been thinking of, but it makes sense and is backed up by what we have seen in the Manga so far so bare with me. Im not sure if I slipped up somewhere or if this is a stroke of genuis, its going to be long and elaborate. I highly HIGHLY reccomend you get some chips, a drink and sit down and read the WHOLE thing as that is the best way to understand what I am saying. And please dont read the first paragraph and jump to a conclusion. Everything I have said to my knowledge is cannon and fits the Manga information.

    First a few facts:

    • Madara after losing to hashirama went into hiding, close to dying he was able use some DNA he had gathered from the battle field and used it to create a mindless wood clone of Hashirama which he used to cultivate his Senju DNA while also giving himself some, although it is difficult to find out the exact amount we can assume based on the fact that his old body looks generally human in the manga(Unlike Obito's Senjufied half of his body) except for the thing stuck in his back keeping him alive, with that we can assume a portion of his chest contains the Senju DNA. Also keep in mind that when revive "in his prime" he takes on his same appearance he had in his prime, and during his fight with the kages he gets hit on purpose to expose the face of a Hashirama clone that had been merged into his chest [1]. With this we can assume that the source of his Senju DNA is only in his chest and not his entire body (Torso would be roughly 25% of his entire body).
    • Obito's body however is comprised of roughly 50% Senju Cells [1], which is a twice as much as Madara.
    • We know that Madara nearing old age and senility unlocked the Rinnegan, only a few years prior to meeting Obito, we also know that after unlocking them he managed to place them into Nagato who also has Senju DNA as he is an Uzimaki.
    • Obito Is able to spam his MS shamelessly however he choses without and kind of time limitation or side effects of using it, all other Uchiha in the series are show taking considerable self-inflicted damage from using there MS, simply using it will often cause the eye to bleed from the strain. Yet Obito uses his Techniques simultaneously never showing any signs of self-inflicted damage. Most people assume it is because he has more chakra and a stronger body that can shrug off the effects of the MS but the Uchiha are known for there strong body and huge reserves of chakra. Contrary to that I think that the Sharingan itself has a kind of usage limit on it where it can only be used a certain amount of times within a certain time limit. After which you start to see dire effects for continuing its use or you may just be too exhausted to do so. With Obito's body being comprised of 50% Senju Cells this time limit is drastically reduces to nothing allow him to spam his abilities without consequence.
    • Danzo Also has Senju DNA with his entire right arm being comprised of Hashirama cells, including a chunk of his chest. He has Shisui's Sharingan which has been stated to need a 10 years waiting period after its MS has been used before it can be active again. And yet we see him use it during the 5 Kage Summit to attempt to get himself named as the leader of the United Shinobi Army. Yet no more than 1hr Later we see it become usable again during his fight with Sasuke. We clearly see him asking himself wether to waste the Sharingan as fodder to use Izangi one more time or to use it to cast a genjutsu on Tobi. Note the considerable difference between 10 years and 1hr. Danzo Would be comprised of roughly 35%.
    • It is also said that for an Uchiha to use his MS without losing his light he needs to take another Uchiha's eyes. But this may just be a work around for the Sharingans Usage Limitation that I refereed to the the paragraph above about Obito. Losing sight is a side effect of over usage of the Sharingan without waiting the proper amount time between using it. The reason Obito's does not suffer from Spamming his MS without having EMS is because the time limitation on using his MS has been reduced so much that he can use them at pretty close intervals with out worrying too much about losing his sight. This also fits perfectly into the manga lore as him having a stronger body with more chakra wouldnt explain why he does not go blind from spamming MS.

    On to my basis theory:

    I dont think it takes Years and Years for the Sharingan to become the Rinnegan, I think it took Madara years and years for the rinnegan, but for someone else that possessed more Senju DNA.... Who knows what could happen.

    • One side theory to keep in mind, is that the SO6P was also born with the Rinnegan, or so we can assume, the Rinnegan is the true form of the Sharingan when you posses both Senju DNA and the Sharingan which he had at birth. He then had 2 sons, one who was an Uchiha and had his eyes, the Sharingan (His Yin Chakra) and the other who was a Senju and had his body, Senju DNA (His Yang Chakra). And when brought together his Chakra's would come together and his eyes would evolve into the Rinnegan, this fact is proven by Madara awakening the Rinnegan. Now it is speculation of wether or not he was born with the Rinnegan or whether he himself unlocked it, but based on the fact that it doesnt make sense for him not to be born with it. If he was infact born with the Sharingan and Senju DNA then it doent really make sense lore wise for him not to have it immediantly. But I guess it would depend on wether or not someone without MS can unlock the Rinnegan, if so then there is no reason why he wouldnt have been born with it. If not then you could argue that he had to unlock MS first before his Eyes could make the transition into the Rinnegan. All in All it this is just a cool side theory that fits the lore and adds to my theory, although keep in mind my theory does not hinge on this theory what so ever.


    The general theory is that since Senju DNA reduces the time based limitations of Jutsu's then someone with an entire body comprised of Senju DNA would likely have the time based limitations reduced ever more when compared to someone who just has 1 arm comprised of Senju DNA or just there torso. And with that you can infer that if it took Madara decades to unlock the Rinnegan with 25% of his body being comprised of Senju Cells then if someone else with more Senju DNA wielded the Shraringan then it would take less time for the Rinnegan to appear.

    Example: Orochimaru [1]

    Last but not least, if Orochimaru as he stands now, gets his hands on Sasuke's eyes, or perhaps Itachi's eyes or even Danzo's eyes would equal him obtaining Rinnegan in a short ammount of time given he has both the Sharingan and Full blooded Senju DNA.

    Someone who is smart and reads this would say, wait you make a good point but... WTF HOW ABOUT OBITO, HE HAS SENJU CELLS AND HAS HAD HIS SHARINGAN FOR YEARS!!!

    I would say his Sharingan hasn't evolved yet for the following reasons

    Obito has doesnt have enough Senju Cells for it to have been activated yet. Explained further below, it is a long read but worth every second.
    He only has 50% Senju Cells, now if Madara (who was operating on roughly 25% Senju Cells) lost his battle to Hashirama in what looked like his early 30's and didnt unlock his Rinnegan until he reached old age (lets say 73)**

    [Lets talk about why I say that age, He received rinnegan a few years prior to meeting Obito. He met Obito when Obito was 13 with kakashi being around the same age. Part1 Kakashi was 26 which puts a 13 year gap between obito dying and Part1. Part1 Hiruzen was 68, We know that Hiruzen was roughly young when Tobirama sacrificed himself to allow his team to escape, while proclaiming him to be the new hokage [1]. The fact that they were still part of Team Tobirama and were not chunin themselves shows there youth, not to mention the fact that they look PT2 Naruto's age in the pictures, so lets say he was 20. We know that Tobirama died some years after Hashirama and we know that Hashirama died some time after his battle with Madara which is where Madara gained his DNA.... This is where it gets a bit complicated. Hiruzen at PT1 was 68, 68 - 13 means that Madara met Obito when Hiruzen was 55. Now we know that he didnt get Rinnegan for atleast lets say 5 years prior to meeting Obito, being very generous, which would put him at unlocking the rinnegan when hiruzen was 50. Now keep that 50 in mind. Moving on let us say that Tobirama lived 5 years after the death of his brother before dying himself and announcing Hiruzen as his successor, lets also say that Hashirama died 5 years after fighting Madara, ofcourse again being very very generous. (5 + 5) Thats atleast 10 years prior to Hiruzen being named Hokage for Madara to have fought Hashirama and lost thus stealing his DNA. Following that timeline into Hiruzen's timeline starting at age 20 and leading to age 50 which is when we know Madara unlocked the Rinnegan. 50 - 20 = 30, 30 + 10 = 40. That puts it as taking roughly, and remember I was generous with this numbers so it could easily take alot longer, 40 years for someone with Madara's amount of Senju Cells to Unlock the Rinnegan] Now lets get back to what I was saying before

    **Now we can assume that the 40 year gap is about how long it takes to activate the Rinnegan operating at 25% Senju Cells. Obito who is operating at 50% would thus have to wait 20 years in order for his Sharingan to evolve into a Rinnegan. Yet if he and Kakashi were around the same age at the time of his supposed death and with kakashi in PT2 being 29-30 then 13 - 30 = 17. Which would mean he would still have to wait about another 3 years before his Rinnegan would activate, this is again being generous. While someone with 100% Senju DNA would take roughly 10 years for Rinnegan to become unlocked, but keep in mind that the Zetsu in the White Zetsu army were made stronger with Yamato's DNA, and so the time limit may very well be reduced even further as DNA taken from a Clone is bound to be less potent than that of the Original, if that was not the case then Kabuto wouldnt be able to make the White Zetsu stronger using Yamato's DNA.

    Even so Obito still doesnt have 2 eyes, this is also the reason why he cannot use Susano'o as Susano'o requires both eyes to be used. With that logic you can argue that without both eyes the Rinnegan would not form, or if anything it would take longer to form, just as having less Senju DNA would also increase the time it would take for the Rinnegan to form.

    For these 2 reasons I can say that We will not see Obito's Rinnegan forming anytime soon, if at all

    Questions? Leave them below, and please leave your fan boy non sense out of here, Im not rooting for Orochimaru to get Rinnegan, I was just saying it was logically possible.
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