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    Thousand of reasons to dislike Sakura and calling her useless wheneveh you want

    Since I'm in a good mood I decide to create another thread about Sakura.
    Keep in mind that this is not a hate=/=dislike thread.

    I'm gonna mention only some of them.
    In part 1 Sakura didn't care for Naruto even if he suffered.
    She was more obsessed in Sasuke than Sasuke himself of his goal, if that's not pity...
    In part 1 she was completely useless on the battleground and all does she did was to cry over Sasuke and Sasuke again.
    She was using Naruto with the excuse over the fact that all she wanted was to see Sasuke back in Konoha and didn't care for the feelings of her friends.

    Let's start with some recently pitiful action of her.

    She was completely outclassed by Hinata on the front line. No one does really care about the fodders she manage to heal with her regular medical powers.
    Her completely uselessness on the ground is seen which embarrassing the people who is enjoying the action and her role is "well-unknown"- standing there without doing anything useful.

    Some else...

    She was trying to kill Sasuke all by herself lying her friends until the very end and it was laughable to see her unsuccessful try to kill Sasuke.
    The most important part- she herself admitted that her uselessness is over 9000 and all she did was to cry.
    Even so Sasuke was trying to kill her she still loves him and not Naruto who did save her many times. Disgusting.

    And this is only some of the majority fails of this character.

    The minority of her (and not important)actions makes this character one of the most disgusting and disliked character out there of these series.

    Thank you.
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