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    Lets get to know everybody in the Naruto Base Universe. tell us who you are, your hobbies, favorite manga, your age, ect.
    Ill start first...
    Hi im Andrew, i am 17 years old, I like to play football and wrestle. Right now i have 4 favorite manga's. 1) Naruto, 2) Bleach, 3) One piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. Yu Yu Hakusho was the the reason that i actually started to watch anime. I started reading manga when i was about 14, i started with Inuyasha i stopped watching/ reading it because i was tired of all the reruns... i still havnt finished it... to be honest i found Naruto Base by accident, i was in computer class and i was looking for something to do so i searched for "naruto forums" and this was the second one that i found, i liked this one better . there is alot more but i dont feel like writing all of that especiall since i still have to write a 3 page essay for CIS class... lol

    and im also short at a 6 foot height
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