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    X-men days of future past

    So this is the title of the next X-men film. i read that it will mostly be set in the past but we will get scenes from the future as well. im willing to assume that this might be a two part movie and will have ties with the previous X-men movies.

    you know what would be interesting. if they plan for an X-4 movie. after the days of future past story line is finished, it alters the future. previous incidents we've seen in the past trilogy X-1 X-2 and X-3 would not have happened as the future has changed through past events and something else happens. THE RISE OF APOCALYPSE!!! a whole new story can be told. it could lead to a whole new trilogy

    would anyone like to see that? but im pretty sure FOX has not looked that far into the future of the x-men franchise

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    Re: X-men days of future past

    I can't wait! I grew up watching X-men!

    I'm tired of these DC Universe movies!

    If they remake superman/batman one more time...

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    Re: X-men days of future past

    I would love to see that! I was hoping the current X-Men trilogy would get retconned and they'd redo it and work it into the Marvel Cinema Universe. Idk why but those movies weren't good to me

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