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    619 Predictions! What I though what was going to happen

    So this is what I thought what was going to happen [prediction]
    Sasuke....:hey: I need to know something....
    Tobirama:What have you revived us for......??
    Orichamaru:Sasuke is there something you want to say?:ghehe:
    Hiruzen:Reviving us with Edo Tensei just like you Orichamaru:mad:
    Tobirama:Edo Tensei you say, u mean the forbidden Jutsu!O.O:confused:
    Hiruzen:Just like last time....(FlashBack)

    Hiruzen:But I never knew that I would be a edo tensei Zombie:crazy: have grown
    Sasuke:Uh ya...but how do you know me?
    Minato:We have been seeing you ever since we were dead
    Sasuke:Uh....I'm confused, I never had the expierence to grow up with my family,friends,teachers:?

    Hashirama:We all make mistakes...I'm sorry that this has happened to you!
    Tobirama:We have seen how far you have went... trying to destroy the leaf:mad:
    Hashirama:Frankly we cannot help you get your answer..only the one who still has a bond with you can help you answer you!
    Sasuke:Those memories
    Tobirama:Is there anything else you would like to speak about?
    Hiruzenrichamaru...seal us away now!
    Hashirama:Wait..There's something I want to see.... Hashirama thinking to him self (Hmm He's out there, MADARA

    Last page:
    Madara:I sense something...could it be...NO:whoa:Damn if it is him I'm prepare
    Obito:Huh...Madara do you sense that kind of chakara \
    Madara:Uh yeah...When he comes I'll deal with him!
    Naruto: This chakara
    End of chapter 619
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