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    I said "Once I fly, I won't be comign back"

    I really love this song.

    I said "Once I Fly, I won't be coming back"
    And I set out for that blue blue sky

    I haven't learned "sadness" yet,
    And I'm just starting to learn "Misery"
    Even this feeling I hold towards you is starting to turn into words
    Waking up from the dream of this unknown world
    I spread these wings and fly

    I said "Once I Fly, i wont be coming back"

    And i set out for that blue blue sky

    Knowing I'll find the answers if I pierced through it
    I'll break free from that blue blue sky
    That blue blue sky."

    Which opening song/music do you like in Naruto?

    This is the link to download the song:
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