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    (DrProof) Tobirama's Resolve


    Constant threads about Tobirama's reasoning for him doing what had to be done to the Uchiha, has brought hate to his characters, along with the war-loved technique Edo Tensei. Being as the Uchiha had immense infatuation to their loved ones, losing such would cause them great despair causing them to awaken the Sharingan, but not just a regular Sharingan, the Mangekyou Sharingan. This provided a problem, wild Uchiha with Mangekyou Sharingans something had to be done, and Tobirama had done it (no matter how brutal, or evil it intended to sound it was all for the village).

    Tobirama gave them a fitting position in order to use their "confused infatuation problems" (going wild with power; Mangekyou Sharingan) as to why the Police Department was created (solely for the Uchiha). Why is this wrong? Why is this unnecessary hate appointed to Tobirama? He was thinking with his head, and his heart he wanted to protect his village from harm which he did successfully in his Era. So what exactly was wrong with the following actions?

    • Creating the Konoha Police Department for the Uchiha Clan.
    • Using their power for good (to keep the prisoners isolated, and away from villagers).
    • Trying to silence "Madara's Will" from the Uchiha's.
    • Protecting the Hidden Leaf Village from the Uchiha's "wild infatuation problems".
    • To keep themselves out of harms way, so that the Uchiha's themselves don't recklessly suicide.

    Seemingly that is only half of the problem for the ongoing hate Tobirama is constantly getting due to today's current chapter. "Edo Tensei is the cause of this war", "Edo Tensei should have never been created", "Tobirama is truly evil for creating Edo Tensei" these are all statements I've come to hear, but do you all conclude the possibilities as to why Tobirama created such a technique? As to why it would bring back a numerous of dead shinobi? To aid the Leaf Village.

    In wars such as this Tobirama created the Edo Tensei (most-probable) to aid the Leaf Village in wars, or to deal with the Uchiha Clan's instability, undying shinobi who could only be defeated due to sealing jutsu. Edo Tensei was truly presumed evil due to Orochimaru performing it, leading to Kabuto using it in the current war arc we are presented now, Orochimaru was truly the one to corrupt the concept of the jutsu, with Madara doing it some justice admitting that the creation of the jutsu could enable an army to wipe out a map. Orochimaru was right, Hashirama probably had stated the same Edo Tensei shouldn't have been created, however it had good intentions, but was abused with the wrong users.


    • Tobirama settles the Uchiha's "wild infatuation problem" so no harm comes to the village (the main objective)
    • Power is given to the Uchiha Clan to put to use their Mangekyou Sharingan's incredible power (protecting the village, and chances of getting themselves killed)
    • Edo Tensei created to stop wars, and instability of the Uchiha Clan, but later used for corrupted purposes (attacking the Leaf Village, and support the war)
    • Look at the situation from Tobirama's point of view, what would you have done? (You can't please everyone)

    Addition by KGB Kakuzu:
    Quote Originally Posted by KGB Kakuzu View Post
    Hopefully this will help.....this is the second attempt to explain this !

    It is also good to note that he tried to help the Uchiha despite the fact he held trust issues due to the fact they had been trying to kill his clansmen his whole life, AND the fact the leader of the Uchiha went and fought his brother in what was origionally a death match....

    Tobirama is getting hate for having a straight forward attitude that doesn't sugar coat his unfortunate for him..
    Addition by Derp Obito:
    Quote Originally Posted by Derp Obito View Post
    The best word to describe Tobirama is that he is more than anything a Utilitarian, the genetic predisposition of the Uchihas are a given but he wanted to use that for the greater good, tempering their strong emotions for the benefit of Konoha rather than being a detriment to it.
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