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    Madara vs Hashirama

    Madara is at the VOTE walking away after one of his assaults on the village

    Madara: I know your there, Hashirama Senju

    Hashi comes around from a tree

    Hashi: Madara, why I thought you wanted peace between our clans

    Madara: hm, I know you plan to exterminate us

    Hashi: Madara we signed a peace treaty were holding up our part and you should do the same thing

    Madara: whats wrong your not your usual self


    Madara: hmmmm Hokage, so thats what you decided it be called

    Hashi: Madara, come back to the village

    Madara huffs and turns around to walk away and Hashi grabs him with wood style

    Madara: is this a challenge

    Hashi: like I said I can have a ninja like you roam around

    Madara: well then

    Madara jerks his arm and the wood shatters and he jumps back

    Hashi: that was your last chance, I'm sorry Madara

    Hashi has a sad look

    Madara makes some signs

    Madara: fire style: dragon fire

    A huge fire ball heads towards Hashi and he makes signs

    Hashi: earth style: earth plunder

    Hashi lowers the ground making the fire ball miss

    Madara: you were quick on that one but what about this one

    Madara makes signs

    Hashi: **** I got to act fast

    Madara: earth style: ground rupture

    the ground ripples and Hashi jumps and grabs a scroll

    Hashi: summoning: ninja tool array

    Hashi makes another sign

    Hashi: wood style: helping hands

    his hand turns to wood and he grabs the ninja tools and attacks Madara

    Madara grabs a kunia and fights back

    Madara: we had many fights like this, and they always end out the same

    Hashi tries to cut Madara in the face and he ducks and Makes a sign

    Madara: fire style: protective shockwave

    a shockwave of fire sends Hashi flying on fire when he lands the fire goes out

    Hashi: already got me using my medic powers

    Hashi starts to stand, and Madara comes and knees him in the face and it sends Hashi flying

    Hashi in midair uses his wood to grab on to an other trees branches and goes to the branch and he makes a sign

    Hashi: wood style: forest control

    The forest chases Madara when he jumps he makes a sign

    Madara: cant have all these trees murking up our fight FIRE STYLE: GRAND PHOENIX FIRE BARRAGE

    the fire balls destroys the attacking trees

    Hashi pulls out another scroll

    Hashi: summoning: ninja tool fire automated

    thousands of ninja tools fly at Madara and some equipped with explosive tags all narrowing in on Madara

    Madara: its a bit early

    the tags blow up in Madara's face

    Hashi: did... did I get him

    we see a redish glow coming from the smoke and a arm flies at Hashi

    Hashi: **** he switched to the Mangekyou Sharingan

    Hashi jumps out the way but to be slapped to the ground by Susanoo's other hand

    Hashi tries to stand but Madara sends Susanoo again and Hashi makes a seal

    Hashi: wood style: oak wall

    A wall of oak forms and Madara's Susanoo only leaves a small dent in it

    Madara: Hmmm ARMATRASU

    the wall soon covers in the black flames

    Hashi: Armatrasu, the fight is getting serious

    Madara is suddenly above Hashi and he throws his ganbi

    Hashi: thats a dangerous weapon

    Hashi forms wood and grabs it and throws it back at Madara

    Madara catches it but it rewinds

    Hashi: **** did he catch me in a genjutsu

    Madara: meet my new genjutsu Mugen Kotamatysukui, it grants me the power to create anything and everything... MEET YOUR END YOU SENJU DOG

    as soon as Madara is about to attack a wall of wood protects Hashi

    Madara: how...

    Hashi: you cant catch someone in this who has the will of fire, the will to protect the ones you love!!!!

    Madara: so it seems this fight is getting interesting, how can you stand up against an Uchiha with the Mangekyou Sharingan, and the Stable Perfect Susanoo

    Hashi: is... this really Susanoo

    Madara: how is this will of fire doing now Hashirama Senju

    Madara swings PS's sword

    Hashi: this is bad

    Hashi Makes a sign

    Hashi: wood style: enhanced wood

    Hashi controls the wood to stop the slash

    Hashi runs under it

    Hashi: if your way up there I'll just bring you down

    he forms seals

    Hashi: wood style: deep forest emergence

    the trees coming out of the ground under Susanoo's feet and knocks him down

    and it all goes up in smoke

    Hashi: a substitution....

    Madara stabs his sword through Hashi, and Hashi coughs up blood

    Madara: your not worth being on my blade

    Madara slices him sideways but due to his regeneration heals as its happenings

    Madara: as expected

    Hashi grabs a scroll

    Hashi: summoning: sword of Thane

    A sword appears and he grabs it and attacks Madara

    The 2 fight everytime they clash sparks go flying

    Madara: you can't beat when it comes to Swords

    Suddenly Madara gets kicked and goes flying but Susanoo dampins the hit

    Hashi stands with 3 clones

    Madara: wood clones... when

    Hashi: when I summoned my sword

    Madara grits his teeth

    Madara: Then you wont mind me doing this

    Madara forms the PS again

    Hashi: not this again, everyone get a corner

    they all stand in a square around PS

    Madara: it wont be that easy

    Hashi and clones form seals

    Hashi and clones: wood style: tightening grip

    Hashi and the clone start shooting wood at PS trying to bind it but PS cuts every branch led his way

    Madara: not even you are capable of beating me

    Hashi: we will see about that

    Hashi and clones send more wood

    Madara: trying again what have you not learned, nothing can stop me

    Hashi: then you havent seen the will of fire!!!

    Madara has a surprised look on his face which leds to Hashi seeing and opening and grabs PS's legs and the wood restricts PS

    Madara: no less from the Hokage

    Madara deactivates PS

    Madara: how about this!!!

    Madara Makes signs

    Madara: summoning: 9-TAILS

    the 9-tails appears

    Hashi: when... did... you...

    Madara: only those that have these eyes can summon the 9-tails


    Continued Tomorow because I'm going to bed lol

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    A bit long but nice

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    Feels almost one sided, but Hashirama is barely going on.....knowing Madara that sword impalement would've been the end of Hashirama

    Still a really fun read!!!

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    Amusing. Very amusing.

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    Quote Originally Posted by KGB Kakuzu View Post
    Feels almost one sided, but Hashirama is barely going on.....knowing Madara that sword impalement would've been the end of Hashirama

    Still a really fun read!!!
    no when you regenerate you can come back from 1 cell, I think Hashi got this

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    I found it interesting

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    Re: Madara vs Hashirama

    To much PNJ but it was entertaining

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