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    response to anyone who wants it rappin on the base

    I am invincible
    take you to school, i am the principal,
    teach you divisional, multi-syllabical fictionals,
    its pitiful,
    the miserable flows of you imbeciles,
    reciprocal rhymes wit one syllable, this rap is criminal
    to visuals,
    despicable dumb individuals,
    Son i hit pinnacles just getting started, in the garden of eden,
    mokuton jutsu guarding the heathens, Nasty like semen, no homo,
    i matyr you weaklings,
    un sheathing katanas bobbing and weaving,
    pearl harbor you weak links, leave you starving and leaking,
    my armor is gleaming,
    my mind fathers diseases in the farthest of deep ends,
    When this beat ends, MY eyes will deceive men,
    genjutsu with demons, deep in R- E- M,
    rapid eye movements, induce Lucid illusions,
    mind**** contusions, Render your nuisance useless,
    the confusion genjutsu master of students.
    seventy days of capture in two mins,
    moves you backwards in ruins
    your girl was full of laughter nd prudence
    but she dropped her panties,
    when i rocked her fanny
    wit my chocolate candy,
    thoughts i blocked out like marcus camby,
    flood through my mind like super sandy,
    ubber handy with the mic, i get angry
    the modus operandi is focus hits,
    get crafty with lotus kicks, eight gates open up like moses splits
    the ocean and some yoga steps,
    bogus reps hinder me down into hopelessness
    so please hook me up if you notice this!!
    i spit the dopest ish,
    spoken omens from a chosen bred
    your hype is frozen like a Broken lens
    i provide the potions for these potent meds
    the secret slogan open the golden bridge
    to lay seige on odin wit some shogun heads
    i have no respect for you flecks
    forum wrecks get stepped on
    lyrical content, objective of reflecti-ONS
    wept moan from deception
    of the mass effeXX
    i'm adept in the presence of you fat meat heads
    I express my deep-est regret for you street feds
    check the reflex, kaleidoscope eye
    strapped with steep techs
    Heat seeking fleets deep with V jets
    scare you to hiding like mafia defects

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