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    A basic rule, naruto 620 prediction

    A basic rule-chapter

    1st: young boy, the love you carry is great, but the hatred inside you is even greater
    Sasuke: do not talk about me, just answer the question, what is a shinobi and what is the village.

    1st sits down on meditation position, everyone listens

    1st: my younger brother here explained you a part of a basic rule in nature, and that is that LOVE is the most powerfull thing.
    Sasuke: but he said that for uchiha, jutsu is the most powerfull thing.
    1st: yes...., but.

    Flashback with the senin-god an his 2 sons

    1st: why do you think that the younger brother of the seningod was chosen?
    1st: you must understand that in nature, there is only ONE energy flowing, but in different shapes and colors, and that thing is called LOVE.
    Now, there are 2 sides about it, both of them correct, but slidely opposite.

    2nd: do not tell him, you know he will never understand.
    1st: only time will tell, it is my responsability and yours to tell the thruth, now,... let me finish.
    1st: as i was saying, the uchiha and the senju are like two faces of a coin, both of them right, but opposite.
    Sasuke: what do you mean?
    1st: the uchihas like to protect love and keep love in a secure place, and they go mad when they eventualy lose it.
    Senju on the other hand, like to express love and share it with other people, they think that this is the true way to peace.
    1st: think of it like a seed, we both know that the natural course for the seed is to grow and flourish as a tree. But like all things in this world, it will eventualy take some other form, and this change is called DEATH.

    1st: now young uchiha, i ask you again, why do you think that the 2nd son of seningod was chosen?
    Sasuke: you still haven't answered my questions.

    1st:i see that you are familiar with pain, but in your case, as like others uchiha, you dive in it, and cultivate it... the power of feelings flows through your body.
    Sasuke: I'm here for answers... give them to me.
    1st: you deserve the thruth, as hard as it can be for you, i will not lie.
    Sasuke: well.....

    The picture changes to orichimaru, who is slidely confused, but calm in the same time.
    1st:the short version of the answer is that a shinobi is a person who has chose one of the paths (picture showing the two sons of seningod with the symbols asociated to them), and recognized the truth within self (flashback of naruto at the fall of thruth), and by doing that, he accepts his role in this life ( picture of itachi and sasuke).
    Thus the village is the huge family of shinobis, where all live in peace and all of the knowledege is past to the younger generations,.... The will of fire.
    Sasuke: i heard that before, why is this important?

    Picture changed to 3rd, who interupts hashirama.

    3rd: that is what itachi had, and wanted for you as well.

    Hasirama standing

    1st: you are an uchiha, you will find it in you,... at the right time.
    Sasuke:that is not an answer...
    1st:in order to get your answer you must remember...
    1st: your life before suffering.

    the chapter ends with sasuke's surprizing face expresion, and all his family in the background.

    Sry for spelling, it will continue
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