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    Thane Krios (Mandalore)

    “The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.”
    基本情報|Basic Information

    Name: Thane Krios
    Nickname: The Hunter, The Greatest Assassin.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Clan: Mandalore


    Thane is a large being, originally a normal human being he was kidnapped from the hidden leaf village at a young age, being trained in the arts of deception by Orochimaru for the nefarious purpose of running forbidden experiments to create a superior being with little emotion and no mercy, the experiments twisted Thane's body making him take on a ghastly appearance appearing to be part reptilian through the failed experiments, it is thought that the experiment was an attempt to force sage chakra in to the boy's body to simulate the effects of the dragon sage mode.

    “It's freeing to find no requirements placed on me. No responsibilities, no fears. It is a good end to a life.”


    Thane Krios was a normal kind and caring child before the abduction, although since being raised in secret and mutated by Orochimaru he spent several years as a brutal killer for his then master, his personality was ruthless cold and calculated, he killed on order for no reason other than it was the wish of Orochimaru.

    Several years later after being left behind in the laboratory recovering from a severe injury recieved while aiding Orochimaru in the murder of the Kazekage of the hidden sand village, Thane's mind begins having thoughts of freedom, of reality beyond the walls he finds himself trapped in, upon his escape and then study of the true world he becomes a man of deep conviction, he believes in his own gods and kills only to rid the world of hatred and injustice.

    Many know little of Thane's abilities or mindset, just whispers of one who could be possibily the most powerful assassin in history.

    村の情報|Village Info

    Village of Birth
    Village of Alliance

    ランクチャクラ|Rank & Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank

    Ninja tools, Mandalore abilities, Taijutsu.

    Wind | Water | Lightning | Fire | Earth

    Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Summon: Snake/Condor | Genjutsu | Kenjutsu | Fuuinjutsu

    背景情報|Background Info

    Thane was born during the reign of the fourth hokage. At the age of six, his parents gave him to Orochimaru to be trained as an assassin, as part of the cover up they called it a kidnapping Thane would not discover the truth for many years. He made his first kill at twelve. He met his wife Irikah during an assassination, where she noticed the targeting laser on Thane's target and stepped in to block his shot. Thane was intrigued that a civilian would put her life on the line to save a complete stranger, and later fell in love with her.

    Thane eventually escaped Orochimaru and met Irikah again, praying to the gods to let him have a family, but with no other skills, Thane freelanced his services. Eventually Irikah gave birth to their son, Kolyat, and Thane worked very hard to keep his work and his family life separate. Unfortunately, being an assassin meant that Thane spent a lot of his time away from home, too much in fact, slowly growing apart from his family. Some time after Kolyat was ten years old, Irikah was murdered in revenge for a Amegakure mercenary leader whom Thane had killed. The mercenaries paid Orochimaru for his identity and killed Thane's wife because they were unwilling to face Thane himself. Thane traveled back to his home for Irikah's funeral and left Kolyat in the care of his aunts and uncles while he hunted down his wife's killers. Thane finished the job, killing everyone involved in his wife's murder. Thane notes that while he has always striven to kill his targets as quickly and cleanly as possible, he took extra time with them. He claims these murders are the only ones where he made the decision that they should be killed, and the only time emotions have affected his actions.

    Commander Yamato first confronts Thane in Kirigakure, where he had been based for the prior two years, whilst he is on a mission to assassinate a Konohagakure politician in hiding known as Nassana. While Yamato talks with Nassana to discern the assassin's whereabouts, Thane drops from the ceiling and takes out Nassana's bodyguards before killing her with a pistol shot at point-blank range. He tells Yamato that he hoped this mission would be his last, expecting that he would have been killed by Nassana's guards. He reveals he is slowly dying of a disease which is later revealed to be Kepral's Syndrome. He joins Yamato's cause against the other villages, perhaps hoping to die in the process, which he feels will redeem him from his past evils.

    Thane is unusual among ninja in that he follows the old polytheistic religion of the lands rather than adopting those of the sage of six paths and spends much of his time in prayer and meditation, even within his work. To find a target, he prays to Amonkira, the lord of hunters; when defending another, he prays to Arashu, goddess of motherhood and protection, after taking a life, he prays to Kalihira, goddess of oceans and the afterlife.

    If Yamato asks how Thane can reconcile his deep spirituality with a violent profession, he explains that the body and soul are seen as separate entities by his faith. Thane sees his body as merely a tool or vessel through which people can choose to commit an act of murder, similar to a gun.

    While this philosophy spiritually absolves him of his crimes, that convenience is undermined by the eidetic memory native to his family, the ability to perfectly recall every single act of murder he committed over the years has weighed down on his conscience, thus Thane cannot help but to feel regret over his actions. This guilt, combined with an impending death, compels Thane to join Yamato's campaign against the ninja world as a gesture of penance.



    Being trained by Orochimaru from a young age has given Thane enhanced levels of strength speed and power when compared to other ninja, his main focus while being trained was in weaponry and Taijutsu prowess, Orochimaru felt that ninja techniques are not suited to a true assassin, chakra can be sensed and tracked, elements of a violent nature or large in scale are easily seen and backup arrives swiftly.


    Considered to be Thane's main skill is his deadly mastery of hand to hand combat, he employs a unique style known simply as CQC in battles, a style designed from scratch entirely by himself after watching how the other specimens and soldiers of Orochimaru battled each other at a young age, when Thane attacks very few people even see it coming, he overwhelms opponents with incredible speed striking at strange angles and moving with such fluidity and grace that some liken him to a flowing river of death.


    Motion, Infared, Heat and Chakra Sensors Via Helmet. Massive Increase In Speed and Strength Via Armor (Up To certain Gates... Still Discussing it with Nexus vie our Leader) A Jet Pack which is voice command. The basis of our clan is pretty much the armor. So If accepted we can pretty much make more custom clan techs as its not fully developed yet.

    Kalahira, mistress of inscrutable depths, I ask forgiveness.
    Kalahira, whose waves wear down stone and sand--
    Kalahira, wash the sins from this one,
    and set him on the distant shore of the infinite spirit.
    Kalahira, this one's heart is pure,
    but beset by wickedness and contention.
    Guide this one to where the traveler never tires,
    the lover never leaves, the hungry never starve.
    Guide this one, Kalahira,
    and he will be a companion to you as he was to me


    Theme Song and Background Music



    Dropping Dan
    Mandalore bio allowed by Teno.

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