I was just wondering if someone who is particularly familiar with the Rules of Narutobase could help me out,I wanted to know Is it possible for me to create my own Unofficial Ninja Village?

I've decided to opt out of applying for any permission groups and would like to start my own Unofficial Village, granted i probably lack the requirements to start a fully fledged official one. (If that's even possible)

I know people do it all the time in the Groups section but i'd like to take it an entire step further, I've even put together my own little Village Header image Shinobi in my village would add to their avatars.

My reason for asking is quite simply that i don't want to go through all the effort of recruiting people, making the group, adding the image to others avatars if it's just gonna result in me violating some unknown rule I've never heard of before.

I mean i really wanna go for it with this idea so if you could let me know before i proceed that would be great, Thanks guys and i sincerely apologize in advance if i wasted anyone's time with this thread.

Thanks again!