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    I want to know~! - About reporting

    Yeah, disregarding the repetitive nature of the thread title, I do have a question about my use of the report function.

    To mods
    Anyway, Q: I will need confirmation on what's written here, otherwise it's practically useless:

    When you moderators check up on reports, I've been told you do check the comment written in the report as well as the thread to be certain of its content.

    Now, say there's a thread(maybe a hundred posts) which derails completely, many posts breaking the rules and so on; I bet there's many reports for the same thread, even for a single post sometimes, unless I'm living a lie here.
    Considering you check the posts, you'd also have to check what was written before, I suppose, to see what made this troublesome post come about to begin with, its context so-to-speak. But how much of the thread do you check?

    Here's what it boils down to: When you check the thread, let's say there's one/several post/-s which have not been reported, but still does break the rules. Let's say, for example, there's two separate heated(as in rule-breaking) discussions ongoing in this thread, but only one gets its posts reported; do you deal with this other discussion as well? Or would it be better for us to report on every single troublesome event, bringing your attention to all of the troublesome discussions? Or posts??

    There's also the example in which someone starts spamming and others follow suit; is it enough to just report the first one post?? Or do we report all of them?

    What would make for a more effective use of the report function??

    Edit: Yes, I'm aware it has to come to your attention to be judged in the first place, but I'm basically asking about your routines more or less I guess.
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    Re: I want to know~! - About reporting

    This matter should not concern you at all. You have already made a similar thread before and you got all answers needed there. What we ask for is for people to just report and fill in the information that we asks for to make the work easier for our mods, so if you see someone breaking a rule just report it. Simple as that, and that's all you need to know.

    Please stop making this kind of threads.

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