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    Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesting)

    Well it should happen automatically....
    As we can see, third sealed first, second and orochimaru's hands into himself.
    When seal is canceled, first, second and hands came out automatically. It didn't need any extra ritual or so.
    Basing on this we can say the yin chakra is also released from fourth hokage.
    We can say that it might be on it's way to Kyuubi. I'm expecting a panel showing it to be unveiled soon.

    ---------- Post added at 12:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:48 AM ----------

    Sasuke: What is village? What is a shinobi?

    Hirashima: Hmmm...that is an easy one.... to know what is shinobi is you must know what is love and what is hatred.


    Hirashima: World was never driven by power. But is by love and hatred. They are the ultimate causes of every action taken. You do something because you love to do it. Where there is love, there is every possibility for hatred to arise.

    Tobirama: Raikudo Senin preached to be able to control these. Anything uncontrollable is destined to bring chaos just as the love of Uchiha. While it is good to have love, uncontrollable love only hurts others. We will be blinded by that love. Once lost it, the person drifts quickly into darkness.

    Hirashima: Unfortunately he is right. We senju when lose someone dear to us we try to protect what we can and what is left. But, Uchiha's love turns into complete hatred. They see everything else as unforgivable. I can sense it in you. You think leaf is to blame for your loss. Think about it why did Uchiha tried to organize coup. If they hadn't done it, they would have lived in peace right now. How will you justify them killing innocent lives and shinobi of leaf.


    Hirashima: You here still have a chance to treasure and protect what you have rater than avenging what was lost. What will it do for you. All you can achieve is killing innocent and loved ones of others. Then don't you expect those alive to avenge their loved ones. If there is some one that loves you they will try to avenge you, if they succeed. This will be a never ending cycle of hatred. Shinobi are to break this curse.

    Sasuke: What is village?

    Minato: Village is family.

    Hiruzen: Family to be cherished and protected.

    Tobirama: Village is the most important.

    Hirashima: Village is your soul. We created village not only to maintain peace but also to bind our souls together. Shinobi are to think of the village and act to proctect it. Just like your brother, sacrificing a few people for saving countless more. Your brothers act saved both the Uchiha and Konoha. If the coup were to take place the village would shatter. Other villages will attack in this opportunity. Result would have been annihilation of countless innocent. You have never experienced war, so you might never know.

    Orochimaru: Kukuku.... a war is going on right now as we speak. Sasuke will fight the final battle if everything goes according to Madara's plan. So far he was even able to resurrect Jubi.

    Kages: ???
    Sasuke: (Naruto....)

    Tobirama:{a war, madara, juubi....We should act before it is too lake. Darkness in madara is going to destroy the humanrace}

    Hirashima: Juubi???

    Orochimaru: Yes... madara is resuructed by edo-tensi. I learned that theiy plan to make him jincuriki of the juubi once it is brought back to life. And while ago, i sensed tremendous chakra which could only be juubi's.

    Fourth: Juubi is alive???{ he dead?? No wait i can also sense it, it can sense ninetails chakra. Yes, it is alive...i can never forget it's chakra. The other one is huge than ninetails, amazing it must be the juubi...} We must act now to stop it...

    Sasuke: Not so soon. I still have questions for you. How nine tails attaked village? Why did you gave your life to seal ninetails?

    MinatoSad) Ninetails did not attack the was made to attack. Masked Guy who calls himself Madara released and controlled it. I gave my life to save my family.


    Minato: Shinobi are to love their village. But i would say shinobi are to love and stand for good. If he was to suceed in his intention it would mean destruction to shinobi world. I had to stop him. If it meant to give my life, so be it.

    Sasuke: (Shinobi, Clan, Village, People.....war) Orochimaro release them from the jutsu.

    Orochimaro: Well, sasuke i would like to but you see i have one more thing that i want from them.

    Sasuke: ???

    Orochimaro: I want them to capture you for me...Edo-tensei Mind control.

    Sasuke: should watch your words when you are in my world.(Every thing shatters, Orochimaroo is bound to a stake, several kunai continuously pierce him.)

    Orochimaro: Tsukyomi..but when?

    Sasuke: No, it is not just tsukyomi. From the moment i brought you alive, I was controlling your actions. Your thoughts. Now release the jutsu.

    Orochimaro: (Performing Handsighs...)Release...

    Kages:!!!(They start to vanish....)
    (tobirama looks at others and nods his head. Releases contract for himself and others.)

    Tobirama: We have some unfinished bussiness to do....

    Minato: (I can sense my kunai near to battle field...)(scene shows flying thunder god seal on kunai in backpack carried by kakashi.) I can take you to battle field....

    (Every one touches Minato prepares to flicker....)

    Sasuke: I want to join you company....I have some questions for someone...

    Minato: Come and put your hand on me...

    (Sasuke looks at tablet with mangekyo and is shocked. Minato flickers to battle field....)

    Suigetsu: Aaah....Sasuke again left us behind.(He sees Orochimaro and has goosebump) We better get going.


    Madara: Hmmm...not bad you managed to land a kick on me and released Juubi from my control...Butt everything you did is useless...(Juubi starts to go on a rampage....). Obito, let the juubi take care of them. We will step in when we are needed.


    (Juubi starts firing Bijudamas. Naruto slams into Juubi and fights it, extends his chakra arms to capture Juubis tails. Juubi prepares a Bijudama in kyubis face. Before it could be fired, Kyubi jumps aways clearing path for Hachibi to fire a Bijudama. A huge explosion occours in its mouth. Fierece wave sweeps through the battle field. Every one braces themselves for the aftershock. As the dust clears juubi is shown bound by trees and pressed against ground. Juubi is weak from recovering and cannot fight against the jutsu)

    Kakashi Madara is trying to take control of Juubi....Sees madaras shocked face...No, it is not him then who is it?)

    Minato: How are you kakashi....I see you are doing well...

    Kakashi(turning back...): Minato sama....Hiruzen sama....First and Second....ahah...Sasuke....

    (In dis belief...everyone looks at the new party that arrived)
    (Looses his kyubi mode. He feels different about himself.....)

    In narutos mind...
    Kyubi: Naruto can you feel it?

    Naruto: What is happening to me....

    Kyubi: It is not you. It is me. I am getting stronger. I am becoming complete. My yin half is returning to me.

    Naruto: What, but how....what has happened.

    Kyubi: I can sense doubt it is his chakra.....


    KakashiIn disbelief) Sensi....

    Tobirama: So, you;re upto no good again.

    Hirashima: Madara, why are you doing this?

    Madara: (Retaining his calm posture again) So,even you are structured. is getting intresting. Now i can have more fun just like old days...
    (Takes a battle stance...)

    Sasuke: Not so fast. First answer me.

    MadaraMangekyo Sharingan...hmmm, intresting kid) Seeing the Mangekyou, you are an Uchiha...Who are you kid.

    Obito: He is Sasuke Uchiha, last survivor of our clan besides me. And it is not just mangekyou, it is EMS.

    Minato: Obito, is that you...

    Obito: Hmmm..Sesei....(That kabuto what is he doing...)Did kabuto summoned you. Are you here to fight for us?

    Sasuke: No, he is here to stop you and so am I, but first I have question for you madara. Why did you rebel against the leaf? What did you lose for to turn into hatred?

    Madara: hmmm....why do you want to know kid?

    Sasuke: I want to confirm somethings before we fight.

    Madara: You want to fight me?

    Sasuke: No, I want to fight him.(points to Obito).

    Madara: And why?

    Sasuke: He is the reason my clan is annihilated.

    Kages: !!!

    Minato: So you were the masked man. Why did you turn out like this Obito? What happend to you? What happened to your dream to become hokage?

    Obito: It does not matter anymore...

    Kakashi: It all changed when he saw me killing Rin.

    Minato: So, you killed all the enemies back then.

    Obito: Yes, and now i am going to kill the final one. Shinobi. There will be no shinobi anymore. Everyone will sleep in my eternal dream.

    Obito wants to take revenge on the shinobi world....

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    so so so wrong...

    Basic components for a successfully fail troll/ thread:

    1- Being stupid
    2- Copy and paste a Prediction from a random site instead of giving just the link
    3- Copy and paste a prediction of the size of a Science article
    4- Copy and Paste a prediction that is so wrong, stupid and wrong and stupid and wrong.

    and number 5- Being a troll which you excel beyond measure.

    Keep it up! Bad troll is bad
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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti


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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    Pretty Dope.

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    Hmm ... Better off waiting for Kishi

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    Enjoyed it.

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    nice, loved it very much

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    It was interesting and could ne true.
    Good work

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    Re: Naruto Manga prediction 620 ( I found this and thought interesting,very interesti

    This could possibly happen

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