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    From History

    Naruto Fan Fic Naruto's Choice Chapter 2 Part 6 Itachi Retrieval Arc

    Part 6

    Naruto Mind
    ( Itachi Has Chains Raped Around Him And Locked In A Cage)
    (Itachi) - ( Uuunn)
    (Itachi) - ( A.....m ..I..)
    (Kurama) - ( Your Sealed Inside Naruto Body)
    (Itachi) - ( Yoo...ur Th..e Nin..e T...a...i..l....s)
    (Kurama) - ( Naruto Wants To Talk You)
    (Naruto) - ( Itachi Is It True That Danzo The Third Hokage And The Elders Forced You To Kill The Whole Uchiha Clan)
    (Itachi Has A Shocked Face)
    (Itachi) - ( ?? How D..o Yo..u Know That)
    Real World
    Naruto Appears In Tsunade Office
    Tsunade - Naruto Your Back
    Naruto Exits Bijuu Mode Version 1
    Naruto - Ya I Have Itachi Sealed Inside Myself
    Tsunade - What Why He A Criminal
    Naruto - No Danzo The Third Hokage And The 2 Elders Forced Itachi To Kill The Whole Uchiha Clan
    Tsunade - What ??
    Naruto - Don't Tell To Many People About That
    Danzo - That Just Not True Naruto
    Naruto Grabs Danzo By The Neck
    Naruto - You ****ing Bastard !!!
    Tsunade - Naruto Stop
    Naruto - Give Me One Good Reason Why I Shouldn't Break Every Bone In Has Body
    Danzo - You Will Become A Criminal Just Like That Scum Itachi Uchiha
    Tsunade - Please Don't
    Naruto - Rrrrrrrragh
    Naruto Lets Danzo Go
    Naruto - If You Touch Itachi I'll Kill You
    Danzo - You Will Learn To Regret Your Choices Naruto Uzumaki
    Tsunade - Naruto What Wrong With You
    Naruto - He Has Kill Countess Uchiha's And Taken There Eyes He Has The 1st Hokage Cells
    Danzo - That Is Just A Lie
    Naruto - If I'm Lying Show Her Your Left Arm And Eye
    Danzo - I'm Not Showing Her Anything
    Tsunade - What Are You Hiding
    Naruto - Fine
    Naruto Put His Hand On His Stomach And Does A Turning Motion
    Naruto - Seal Release
    Itachi materialises Infront Of Naruto
    Itachi - Danzo I Want Shisui Eye Back
    Danzo - I Don't Have No Such Thing
    Naruto Mind
    (Kurama) - ( Naruto Switch With Me)
    Kurama/Naruto - Danzo Tell Them The Truth
    Tsunade - That Voice
    Itachi - The Nine Tails
    Danzo - So Your Not A Mindless Beast
    Kurama/Naruto - Show Them Your Arm And Give Back Shisui Eye To Itachi
    Danzo - I'm Not Doing Any Such Thing
    Itachi - Tsukuyomi
    Itachi - Now Give Shisui Eye And Show Them Your Left Arm
    Danzo Begins To Unrap His Left Arm
    The End
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