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    The Rookies in war... [Reports]

    How do you think the rookies from K11 are doing it so far in the war. I will discuss them individually. Let me know if you agree, or not. Discuss.

    Team Asuma:
    It is clear Kishimoto 'likes' this crew a lot since he gives them much more panel time then Team Kurenai or team Gai.

    Shikamaru: He is doing it great. Good leadership, always calm and responsible. After losing his death (Shikaku), he remained cool under such hard moment. Will become the right hand from future Hokage Naruto.

    Ino: Impressive! Really impressive! She became so strong. She even controlled Obito's mind for a while.

    Chouji: That fatty who was to nice for everyone sure became a boss in this war. This war made from him a topclass shinobi.

    Team Gai:
    Neji got big panel time for dying heroicly, but for the rest was not mentioned alot. Tenten and Lee deserves more panel time.

    Neji: His death was sad and cruel. He died like a true shinobi, giving his life for his family (Hinata) and his friends (Naruto). He was like a birth that got free from the cage. The burden was gone, just like with his father happened in the past. A nicely written death, but it is sad that he got so few panel time before that in the war.

    TenTen: Was fighting very well at the beach when the Zetsu clones and Edo Tensei 'zombies' came. But now, she is 'like a fodder'. Give her some credits too, Kishi!

    Lee: C'monn. His development in part 1 was awesome! Why now, in the war, he is given so few panel time. He deserves much more. At least his kick to Madara was amazing.

    Team Kurenai:
    Except for Hinata, this team is like fodders. It is sad actually.

    Hinata: Big development. Fighted hard in the war, but still was not convinced from herself. The moment she met Naruto, she acted like a total boss. She *****-slapped Naruto back to the real world and showed some good movements from her skills.

    Kiba and Shino: Give them some good fight scenes too, Kishi! C'monn... Kiba and Akamaru combo would be cool, and Shino's bugs with Kyuubi chakra would be fun!!

    Team Kakashi:
    Naruto all the way.

    Sakura: She is the main heroine? Did not see that in this war. Hinata and Ino surpassed her in panel time by far. Sakura is strong, let her do something with that power.

    Sai: Not much to say about. He has interesting techniques, they should be showed more.

    Naruto: He is acting like a Hokage now. Masterly development. A baws. His moment with Hinata was epic. I am no shipper, but that was just epic. Naruto in BM is a monster. Kurama is a true captain for him.
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