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    Naruto and the Lock, Stock...

    With current turn of events I see Naruto going Lock,Stock way If you think about it the characters match up pretty well

    1. Ed and his group -> Naruto, KB, Kakashi and Guy

    2. Harry and his group -> Tobi, Madara, Juubi and Zetsu :noc:

    3. Snow white and his chemists -> Edo Hokages

    4. Nick the Greek -> Orochimaru

    5. Rory and his team -> Sasuke, Jugo, Suigetsu :p

    6. Dean and co -> Itachi, Kabuto

    All of them are meeting and destroying one another and will end up at one destination to fuck it all up

    I assume that you are familiar with Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels.

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    Re: Naruto and the Lock, Stock...

    A lock stock and two smoking barrels reference, nice, didn't expect people from this board to have good taste in movies.

    But no, no one in this anime compares to the people in that movie.
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