Tobirama segregated the Uchiha because he was scared of a revolt.

Hitler segregated the Jews because he was scared of a revolt, as well as to stop them from organizing against him (or even realize what he was doing)

Tobirama was scared of "another Madara"

Hitler was scared of Jews that had leadership qualities in them and was furious if any of them tried to bolster morale, executing them on the spot.

Tobirama sent the Uchihas far away outside the village.

Hitler put Jews far away in camps.

Do you approve of Tobirama's actions? Why or why not? Is there anything you think he could (or should) have done better?

"SEND THEM TO THE GAS CHAMB-...I mean, send them outside. They can be "police" there. THEY NEVER KNEW WHAT I WAS UP TO THE WHOLE TIME." - Fuhrer Tobirama