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    shikiMArus Arsenal

    Chakra Enhanced Trench Knives
    Shadow Endgame Technique
    Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique
    Shadow Imitation Technique
    Shadow Neck Bind Technique
    Shadow Sewing Technique
    Water Release: Water Field( anime only ) o


    Shikamaru does not like fighting, deeming it, as he does most things, "troublesome". His intelligence lends him some help in this regard, such that he is fairly successful at avoiding injuries when he is unable to avoid a battle. Shikamaru's intelligence has earned praise from a number of characters, including the highly experienced Kakashi and Kakuzu. By putting his fingers together to create a circle and closing his eyes so he can concentrate, he can quickly think ten moves ahead of his opponent with over a hundred strategies ready to be used. When he does this, he considers everything that has taken place in the battle up to that point, even discerning how an opponent's techniques work. His teacher, Asuma Sarutobi said that he has the ability to become a Hokage, but he also said that he will be too lazy to want to be Hokage.
    On the whole, Shikamaru has earned a great deal of renown, being one of three known people to single-handedly defeat a member of Akatsuki (other two being Naruto and Sasuke). In the anime, he is also revealed to have been offered a position as one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja.
    [edit]Shadow Techniques
    Shikamaru's primary supporting move is the Shadow Imitation Technique. Later, he learned the Shadow Neck Bind Technique, which allows him to physically harm his opponent by means of a shadow hand. After the timeskip, Shikamaru also learnt the Shadow Sewing Technique. This gives him more of an offensive jutsu, as his shadow can now act almost as tentacles, leaping and twisting out of the air to attack multiple targets. He also shows the ability to simultaneously use all of his jutsu in astonishing co-ordination.
    Shikamaru also inherited Asuma's trench knives after his teacher was killed. He learned to add his shadow to the knives, and created the Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique. This allows him to "pin" his shadow on an opponent, without the need of the Shadow Imitation Technique, giving him far greater range, flexibility, and the ability to move. When Shikamaru finally had Hidan cornered, he demonstrated the Shadow Endgame Technique. This technique is essentially a shadow summoning, where various tentacles quickly surround an opponent. The second part allows the user to split apart the tentacles, grabbing multiple objects to bind to the trapped victim. This is very effective when used in conjunction with exploding tags, or perhaps other weapons.

    DO u think Shikimaru shoould Get this

    This jutsu is activated when the user uses his left hand to make a half-ram and extending his right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Music starts playing as the user summons the spirit of Amida. The spirit is normally calm, angelic and looks peaceful. However, whenever the user gets angry, the spirit turns red and transforms into a somewhat demonic-looking creature. Amida then attacks the user's target with its 1000 spirit fists.
    Asuma is able to use this technique. Although, Asuma's version isn't as effective as Chiriku's since the size of the spirit that envelops Asuma is much less.

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    Re: shikiMArus Arsenal

    good point. good time to discuss on other characters.
    Shika has shown most growth as compared to others(incl. Naruto).
    Shika certainly is kage capable ninja, not in strength but in intelligence.
    Shika wont get that tech you said, it was in filllers, if I am right, in sora arc.

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