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    Naruto: A Switch In Time 4

    Yeah I'm back with another release. Enjoy. Its unbelievably short though. :ghehe:

    “So, what's a Tailed Beast Ball?” the asked the boy seated atop Kurama, his voice rich in excitement as well as curiosity as he stared downwards into the fox's crimson eyes.”

    “Hmph. Just watch.”Kurama abruptly opened its mouth, revealing the fox's glistening, white set of daggers that hung from the edges of the roof as well as the base of its mouth. Suddenly, small white bubbles as well as black ones appeared out of thin air, floating freely just above Kurama's head.

    The younger Naruto found himself mesmerized by the floating bubbles that danced gently and disorderly a small distance above him, as he remained atop the fox's head. It was clear that the black spheres severely outnumbered the white as they all lingered above the fox's open mouth. Then suddenly, they began to gather, each floating manifestation of chakra drawn by an unseen force towards the fox's mouth. The result of the conglomeration was a massive pitch black sphere which was roughly the size of the fox's head.

    The round mass then abruptly fired off into the endless distance with a great and mighty force, moving with such staggering speed that it was nearly completely out of sight within a single second. Then it exploded. The massive blast was deafening in Naruto's ears, a shocking feat considering that the explosion took place a great distance from where the fox had fired the black sphere. The shock waves produced by the explosion immediately sent the lad flying off the fox's head, the boy's chakra assisted grip on the beast notwithstanding. Luckily, he was caught by one of Kurama's tails before he crashed into the invisible floor.

    “That was awesome!” exclaimed the child, his voice shrill and high pitched, as he was gently set on his feet by one of Kurama's massive tails “Do it again, pleeeeeeeease?!”

    At that moment, they were both graced by the presence of the older Naruto, the twenty two year old having sped to their position leaving a trail of yellow light in his wake. The twelve year old Naruto was startled by the immense speed displayed by his older self and was pleased to see him clad in the shining yellow cloak of chakra that he called Kyubi Mode. “Kurama, shooting a Tailed Beast Ball? Really? That's not safe you know.” scolded the twenty two year old, an annoyed expression on his chiseled features while he childishly pointed an accusing finger at the Tailed Beast. His Kyubi Mode then dissipated, the yellow shrouding flickering away into nothingness in a matter of moments.

    “You're so overprotective.” teased the fox, a toothy grin on its face. “Just like when you refused to let me meet your kid.”

    “You still on about that? I told you Hinata wouldn't go for it.” responded the older Naruto.

    “Hmph, and you call yourself a man. Well, your father was just as much a sissy as you are now. He let Kushina control everything.” quipped the beast while rolling its eyes at the Sixth Hokage.

    “Shut up!” thundered the older Jinchuuriki, a scowl etched on his face.

    The fox responded with laughter, which only served to further infuriate the twenty two year old. The older Naruto then snapped his fingers, returning them all to Kurama's usual domain. “Later Kurama.” he said as both he and his younger self faded from the Tailed Beast's realm and back to reality.

    In reality, both Narutos were motionless, their fists pressed up against each other in a fist bump. They both simultaneously opened their eyes, having returned from their visit to Kurama's dwelling place.

    “Well, that was fun.” commented the younger blonde, a wide grin plastered on his face.

    “Yeah.” replied the older.

    “What do we do next?” the younger asked, his hunger for excitement made clear in his overly enthusiatic tone.

    “Hmmm...Let's go meet my kid.”


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    Re: Naruto: A Switch In Time 4


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    Re: Naruto: A Switch In Time 4

    Awesome, dude

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