Light Yagami

Akiyama Shinichi

Look pretty similar don't they?

For those who read both the Liar Game and Death Note, who..

Do you like better?
Do you think is smarter?
And alternatively, how far do you think either of them would go in each other's shoes? Light starting off with helping Nao and Akiyama inheriting Light's main idea. Of course they can go about things differently with their different attitudes but let's keep things simple.

I truly like Akiyama more (probably obvious by my signature) but I do think Light has more charisma to him. Although I also feel like Light has more of an arrogant attitude. I don't think Akiyama would take some of the dramatic steps he did like killing Lind L. Tailor. But this could just be because the Death Note gave Light a "god like" persona (which made him cocky). On the opposite end, I can see Light getting past the Revival Round but beating Yokoya would be a true challenge.