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    This is what I believe

    I believe that the way you upload photos to your albums should be changed. I have a hard time trying to upload any picture because of the size restrictions. I have gone to websites that resize my photos and they have matched the details And for some reason it never seems to be the right number. It always says that I am going over the quota. I'm not sure if it's because I try with my iPad that's the only internet-access I have. So if there is a way for the base to make uploading pictures a little more iPad friendly or mobile device friendly that would be fantastic.

    The resizing websites worked perfectly for my avatar but when it comes uploading but albums is just a no go. I just think it's stinks seeing as how I have a lot of cool ideas I want to use for my signature but I am unable to because of the restrictions.

    I hope y'all take my suggestion to heart

    From xjimbox

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    Re: This is what I believe

    I agree

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