Ok we all know the Kage are going to get healed up by Tsunade, whether she will live is still up for debate or rather it is up to Kishi..

Now as soon as they are ready to go and return to the battlefront, where Naruto is fighting Madara, Obito and Ten Tails with what's left of the shinobi alliance..

My small theory is that Naruto will be as smart as he is acting now and realize that the Kages with all their power could not beat Madara so I think he will definitely give them ALL the Kyuubi Cloak..

Can you frikkin' imagine the 5 or 4 Kages hyped-up on Kyuubi chakra, they would OWN!
-Super, super insane strength and speed from the Raikage
-Tsuchikage, super strong Particle style and not to worry about how much chakra it will take he will be able to do it so much more. oh and he will fly as fast as Superman lol
-Mizukage's Larva style and Vapor style will get stronger plus she can do a lot more of it
-Kazekage, Gaara could manipulate an entire frikkin' desert and the sand's speed will increase
-And this is if the Hokage, Tsunade lives, she could heal people at such a fast pace and her super strength will increase.

This is a little what they could do individually but remember how they can combine and work together.. I think with all this and the combined efforts of the Kyuubi cloak enhanced alliance force, they will kick some serious behind :D

Please let me know what other benefits you can think of and please no funny stuff, if you don't like it just say that
Thanx guys