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    Naruto Revolution #2# Past reveal

    *Four Hours later, Inside Gaara Inn room*

    *Gaara doing some paperwork, but sigh about what happen four hours ago, then the door knock*

    ???: Gaara, it's me Tsunade...Can i come in

    Gaara: oh...Tsunade, Yeah i guess...

    Tsunade: *enter the room* Sorry to come at short notice...but their something i need to discuss with that alright with you...

    *Meet Tsunade, the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, She almost die during the battle with Obito and Madara, but somehow with the strength of her grandfather, she survive the war and planning to step down as Hokage and announce Naruto as the new Hokage*

    Gaara: I have no problem....

    Naruto: I have fun Hinata-chan *smile* Thanks for bringing out here

    Hinata: OH...u-um..i-it's no problem.....Naruto-kun

    *Meet Hinata, she is the sucessor to the Hyuga main hold, she is very shy, But really strong...During the War she promise herself that after the war ended she will be holding hands with Naruto and made that promise true...and always remember her Cousin Neji who died during the war*

    Naruto: Hinata....

    Hinata: Y-Yes..Naruto-kun!?

    Naruto: You don't have be shy you know....we dating each other...remember

    Hinata: O-Oh course.....thank you Naruto-kun

    *then two people appear in front of Naruto and Hinata*

    Naruto: Sasuke, Sakura? what are you doing at this time?

    *Meet Sasuke and Sakura who are close friends with Naruto and teammates on Team 7...They been starting to date a couple months ago, But after the events of the War and bringing Sasuke back...Sasuke was order to never leave the village without permission and doing missions for a year and half, When he first return to the village, all of the Kages was about to pass a guilty verdict and summon a execution to Sasuke, But with Naruto and his friends they convince the Kages to give him a light sentence and give them some of the blame for Sasuke action*

    Sasuke: Were about to see a movie....wanna join

    Naruto: Sure! we got nothing else better to do...Are you alright with that Hinata?

    Hinata: S-Sure Naruto-kun

    Sakura: Then let's go!

    Naruto: By the way.....What movie are we going to see?

    Sasuke: Its....*sigh*....*mumble* Love diaries....

    Naruto: *confuse* what was that? Speak up?

    Sasuke: we seeing Love diaries baka.....

    Naruto: Oh, you have to be fu......

    *ANYWAY!...Meanwhile to Gaara walking around the village*

    Some Girls: oooooo....the Kazekage sure is sexy.....I want his kids,

    Some Girls 2: He so Dreamy....

    Gaara: *blushes a little bit and keep on walking* (This is why i don't understand women...)

    *He bumps into someone and the person was knock into the fountain completely soaked and a medium crowd look at them*

    Gaara: A-Are you okay...sorry i wasn't paying attention

    *then, when Gaara pull her out of the the fountain he recognize who the person right away*

    Aki: clothes....they completely drench....

    Gaara: I'm very sorry.....wait a sec..

    *he summon his sand and wrap around the women body and absorb all the water on her clothes*

    Aki: T-Thank you.....Gaara

    Gaara: it' problem...*blush a lot*

    Aki: Everybody is watching us....Can we go somewhere else probably?

    Gaara: S-Sure....

    *Then went to the park and sat on a bench near by*

    Aki: The Park look beautiful when its dark....right Gaara

    Gaara: Yeah...It sure is....

    Aki: I know you had this on your mind right to who am I, right Gaara?

    Gaara: could say that....

    Aki: Do you remember anything about me.....

    Gaara: I'm memories are hazy when i try to remember something...

    Aki: is that so.....Then let me remind you.............Future Husband....

    Gaara: *shock* wha......

    *flashback, ten years ago*

    Gaara: one to play with me.....

    *Then He heard a girl crying thirty feet from where he is*

    Gaara: She seems in trouble......m-maybe...i should go help her....*walk to the girl* Hey are you okay?...why are you crying....

    Aki: *crying* M-My bear.....its gone...that was a gift....f-from my m-mommy!

    Gaara: I you find out....* happily*

    Aki: *starting to stop crying* you....w-will....

    Gaara: Yeah *take her hand* now lets go!

    *They search for hours and hours and finally they the bear*

    Aki: Thank You, Thank you, Thank you Gaara-kun!

    Gaara: it's no problem...i'm just glad we can find it!

    *then all of a sudden Aki offer her teddy bear to Gaara*

    Gaara: isn't that suppose to be your teddy bear?

    Aki: I want to give it to you....for helping me finding this

    Gaara: wow....I never have a teddy bear before....thanks *smile*

    Aki: Gaara....can i ask you a favor...*starting to blush*

    Gaara: sure...Anything Aki-chan...

    Aki: I heard i'm going be something really amazing that i can change the world and the people....and i need a man to help me do that....will you my husband when we are older

    Gaara:*blush* s-sure....i'm glad to be your husband....

    Aki: R-Really Thanks Gaara! *hug him*

    *Flashback ended*

    Gaara: so that what happen....(so....that how i got that teddy bear in the first place....)

    Aki: Yeah...thats all....

    Gaara: so then....I guess i have to live up to my promise then *smile*

    Aki: *giggle* I guess you should....

    *Then those two kiss.....a very long kiss, meanwhile a person in mysterious completely black cloak was watching them from the trees*

    ???: Ahhh....The plan is going perfect right now*jumping to tree to tree*Gaara.....Aki.....Very soon you will taste the darkness in your hearts....

    To be continue....

    Next Episode: Friends or Foes
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