Sasuke receiving the Rinnegan at this point in the manga would be pointless. It is pretty clear that the manga only has a couple of years left, leaving little time for the mastery of the Rinnegan. Even if Sasuke was to receive the Rinnegan, he would not have the ability to use it in this, or an upcoming arc. A shinobi does not simply have mastery over something as complex and powerful as the rinnegan instantaneously. It takes years, if not decades to perfect the jutsus. It took Nagato a solid 10 years in order to fully master the Rinnegan.

Now unless there is a time skip or Sasuke manages to go to Kami's lookout and spend a couple years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Sasuke receiving the Rinnegan would be pointless. He has never seen a Rinnegan user fight as well, which negates any arguments of "sasuke has the sharingan and can therefore copy Rinnegan jutsus and learn them quickly."

I would also like to state that Sasuke also simply does not have the Chakara levels required to utilize the Rinnegan effectively. Now although Sasuke has been stated to have high chakara levels, they are nowhere near the levels of a demigod tier shinobi. Every Rinnegan user thus far has had atleast Demi-god tier Chakara levels (Madara, Nagato, Obito, SO6P). This allowed them to spam the hell out of Rinnegan jutsus such as Shinra Tensei and The Meteorite technique constantly without exhaustion. This is where the true power of the Rinnegan lies (chakara levels). Sasuke on the other hand is exhausted from using susanoo after 10 minutes. One Chibaku tensei and Sasuke is near death from exhaustion...

The only instance that the Rinnegan would be useful to Sasuke would be a 1 shot kill attempt, or if he was to receive the kyuubi chakara cloak from Naruto in battle.

It simply doesn't make sense and the last thing Kishi needs to do is add yet another pair of Rinnegan eyes into the Manga.

This is just my two cents on the whole "Sasuke is getting the Rinnegan!!" threads that have been flooding the forums for months now. What do you think?