Some of the base members consider that he can one shot anybody with kamui, and that he's top 10.
Some of other base members consider that he's not even top 20, and that anybody in the top 10 can "rape" him.
His pwoer is arrond top 20-15 , no more no less (he's 15 in my list)

On the top 10, he can only beat :

- Bee (if he decapitates him, we're talking about BM bee, remember kakashi can warp 2/3 of hachibi)
- Crippled Nagato ( If he's very fast, he can warp him with kamui, remember nagato can't move)

Don't overrate him! he can't beat minato, naruto, sasuke, itachi, dsm kabuto, obito, hashirama etc...

Don't underrate him! he can beat oonoki, gaara and kisame! and itachi doesn't "rape him".