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    Re: Gin-sempai fires me up!

    Ok. No problem sempai.

    Shikago stands still as he collects his chakra, storing and heating it in his chest. Taking aim on the clone some meters ahead off him, he forms the tiger hand seal and releases his chakra, causing multiple fireballs to spew from his mouth. Using his chakra and shape manipulation, he forms the fires into the shape of skulls with seemingly glowwing yellow eyes, as they continue to fly towards the clone. When they near their target, they dont directly hit. Instead, the flamming skulls swarm and orbit the clone, ultimatly exploding when one makes contact, causing the rest to explode as well.
    While shaping the fire balls, Shikago was again gathering more of his chakra in his chest, trying to complete both of his tasks at once. As the skulls get closer to their target, and he feels that he has enough chakra for the jutsu, he turns his head and targets Gin-sempai's other clone about five meters to the right. Taking a sharp intake of air, he releasing the chakra from his lungs in a quick, short burst, causing a ball of fire similar to the Great Flame Flower jutsu to shoot from his mouth aimed at the clone's legs. When it hits, the fireball explodes into a mass of flames that reaches meters into the sky.
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