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    Amaterasu is a S/T Jutsu?

    Amaterasu is the flame that came from hell .The user can burn object or oponent by just looking at them.For example,when sasuke used amaterasu on killerbee full 8 tail,the flame pop out from now where and engulf him completely.There was other times when Itachi use amaterasu on edo nagato ,the flame also instancely engulf .Where the flame come from?I believe amaterasu have it own dimension (hell relm) similar to kamui that allow the user to teleport flame to different location.Kamui allow the user and the object to teleport to different location.

    Since sasuke can use blaze release to manipulate Amaterasu by make shield and higher level of defense with his susano,i believe he can use it to teleport to another location with amaterasu?
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