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    susano vs fox

    With training naruto will be able to use the fox as sasuke uses susanoo... just close your eyes and imagine the 2 of them fighting with sasukes freaky grim reaper susano cloak against narutos dark red fox cloak

    Naruto 464 page 16 | One Manga

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    Re: susano vs fox

    The problem is if Sasuke is able to better use his MS, then the chance of him manipulating the Kyuubi is improved even greater then his previous encounter with Naruto when he didn't even have MS. For arguments sake, if Naruto has maintained complete control of the Kyuubi and Sasuke doesn't have Totsuka sword and Yata Mirror, then KSM Naruto with chakra cloak on should be able to penetrate the Susanoo body with sheer force. I can't see Naruto using chakra balls unless it's the Kyuubi in control. Would make for good fan art though.

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