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    621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Naruto manga 621 & 622
    Title: Hashirama Senju vs
    Madara Uchiha! (Epic
    [ ] means action, ( ) means
    in thought.
    *Scene resumes with
    Hashirama using the tailed
    beast bomb against
    Madara perfect
    Madara: (urgh, he used
    my own tailed beast bomb
    against me! I barely
    managed to block it).
    Hashirama: It doesn’t
    have to be like this
    Madara, let’s stop this and
    return to the village,
    Madara: Why! So and I can
    go back to being your
    dog? Never! I’ll destroy
    my treacherous clan along
    with your precious
    [Madara uses his Susano’o
    to deflect the tailed beast
    bomb and try to impale
    Hashirama with one of his
    sword. But Hashirama
    predicts this and grabs a
    hold of it with his Living
    wooden soul jutsu.
    Madara then uses his
    other sword and quickly
    swings it destroying the
    living wooden soul jutsu
    and wood dragon.
    Hashirama barely
    manages to escape this
    but not without injury,
    however, his body quickly
    heals himself].
    (Madara…..he’s really
    trying to kill me). As long
    as I am alive you will not
    lay your hand on our
    village with ill intent.
    Please, abandon all your
    hatred, it’ll only end
    Madara: Yes it will end
    badly….for you!
    [Madara uses Kurama to
    attack Hashirama with his
    claws, however,
    Hashirama quickly reacts
    by using the wood dragon
    jutsu again to subdue it,
    however, this was a
    diversion, Madara uses
    the Susano’o to form
    handsigns to summon a
    massive meteor from the
    Hashirama: Tricky as ever.
    [Hashirama barely have
    time to even react to the
    meteor when Madara
    tries to impale Hashirama
    with his swords. So
    Hashirama uses wood
    clone jutsu so it can deal
    with the meteor while the
    real Hashirama can deal
    with Madara.]
    Hashirama(Wood clone):
    *Wood release Birth of
    [A massive tree springs to
    life; Hashirama wood
    clone uses it to catch the
    meteor to prevent a
    major collision. The real
    Hashirama at the same
    time uses the living
    wooden soul jutsu to
    block Madara sword
    Madara: I’M NOT DONE
    [Madara uses amaterasu
    and burns the wooden
    dragon and living soul
    Hashirama: *sealing
    technique Fire sealing
    [The fire is starting to get
    sealed, however, once
    again Madara tries to use
    Kurama’s tailed beast
    bomb to attack Hashirama
    while he is trying to seal
    and avoid getting burned
    by amaterasu. Hashirama
    clone still active deflects
    the Bijūdama, but gets
    destroyed in the process.]
    Hashirama: Is there
    anyway we can end this
    and go back to the way
    things were?! Why do you
    want to destroy what was
    so hard for us to build.
    The leaf village we
    founded, was suppose to
    help end conflicts like this
    and bring us all together,
    but now you want to
    destroy it, and our family!
    Madara: Because the
    sacrifice my brother made
    would be all for nothing!
    You are too soft on the
    other ninja villages that
    formed after ours. They
    should kneel before ours
    and be under our rule by
    force if we have to. But
    no, you want to help
    strengthen them by giving
    them the other tailed
    beasts. You’re a fool!
    Hashirama: Your way is
    wrong, violence is not the
    answer. And ruling with
    fear is not peace; ruling
    by fear for peace is only
    an illusion. It’s false! If
    villages were to be united
    it should happen naturally
    through understanding.
    Madara: As long as there
    are Shinobi that lose what
    they love hatred will be
    born in its place, there
    will be no peace, not
    Hashirama: The true
    meaning of a shinobi is to
    live and endure that pain,
    not let it control you to
    unleash it toward the
    world. As long as there is
    hope there will be peace.
    The death of your love
    ones live on within you. It
    doesn’t mean the end of
    the world!
    Madara: It does to me!
    Enough! You’re wasting
    your breathe as long as
    you and your Konoha dogs
    live I will not be satisfied.
    Not until you all DIE!
    [Madara uses Kurama to
    produce a massive tailed
    beast bomb almost three
    times the size as the nine
    tails and tries to aim it
    toward the Leaf Village.]
    Hashirama: (That’s….No!)
    How low can you get
    [Kurama is ready to fire
    when Hashirama uses an
    earth release jutsu to
    shift the attack away from
    the village toward a
    mountain destroying it].
    Madara: tssk!
    Hashirama: Enough! I had
    it, you obviously have no
    good will in you anymore.
    * Earth release: massive
    [Hashirama sinks the
    kyuubi in the crater and
    keeps it occupy with the
    wood dragon jutsu for the
    time being and goes after
    Madara: *Fire release:
    Great fire annihilation*
    [Madara fire aims directly
    toward Hashirama]
    Hashirama: *water
    release: water wall*
    [the water counters the
    fire jutsu and from the
    smoke Hashirama
    emerges and uses a tree
    branch to pull Madara out
    of his Susano’o and
    punches him. Madara falls
    to the ground, Hashirama
    then comes up quickly
    toward him and use
    contract seal technique to
    take control of Kurama
    away from him. ]
    Madara: (he broke my
    control of the kyuubi).
    Hashirama: *Ninja
    technique Kakuan
    Entering Society with
    Bliss-Bringing Hands*
    [Massive wooden pillars
    with spikes emerge from
    the ground and binds
    Kurama while the wood
    dragon continuously saps
    its charka. Madara tries to
    regain his footing but
    Hashirama unleash a
    series of punches onto
    him. Madara at a last
    desperate chance re-
    summon the perfect
    Susano’o and tries to
    summon multiple
    meteors this time toward
    the village.]
    Hashirama: *Wood
    Release: Great Forest
    [Hashirama binds Madara
    inside his Susano’o with a
    massive tree that quickly
    overwhelms it. In scale
    the Susano’o looks like an
    small ant bind in a forest
    compared to the tree.
    Hashirama slams his hands
    together and causes the
    tree to burst into flames.
    Leaving a huge scar on
    the earth.]
    Naruto 621 prediction
    (Epic Battle Conclusion).

    Naruto manga 622
    prediction begins
    Title: The Decision
    *Scene shows Madara
    collapse on the ground
    Madara: (I’m still alive?
    He’s been toying with me,
    to think he was this
    Hashirama: Now you know
    the difference in our
    strength, you are no
    match for me Madara. It’s
    over. Now leave, unless
    you change your ways you
    are not welcome to the
    ??: Hashirama! Are you
    Hashirama: (Mito?)
    [Tobirama and Mito shows
    up and meet up with
    Hashirama: What are you
    two doing here didn’t I
    say to stay at the village.
    Tobirama: I’m only here
    to see if you would finish
    the job but I see you are
    still too soft.
    Hashirama: ……
    Mito: Hashirama I’m here
    because I thought I can be
    of some help with the
    kyuubi. I can seal it within
    my body as it’s jinchūriki.
    Hashirama: I suppose I
    have no chose, [he walks
    towards the kyuubi’s that
    is laying down severely
    weaken due to the wood
    dragon] your power is too
    great for you to be left
    alone. I’m sorry.
    [While everyone’s back is
    turn, Madara gets up]
    Madara: (In order to know
    what I’m going through I’ll
    kill what you love, your
    [Madara dashes toward
    Mito with a kunai with
    Mito and Tobirama in
    shock, just when it seems
    Madara’s kunai would
    pierce Mito, Hashirama
    uses a wood release
    branch jutsu to pierce
    him. Madara stays where
    we stand unconscious
    believed to be dead].
    Hashirama: I’m sorry it
    had to end like this. Dear
    friend. [Tears falls off his
    *flashback ends*
    Sasuke: ……..
    Hashirama: I did what I
    had to do in order to
    protect the village even if
    it meant killing the one I
    thought a friend. That’s
    the role of the Shinobi to
    their respected village.
    Now Sasuke, what’s your
    [Everyone looks at Sasuke
    awaiting his answer]
    Sasuke: (thinks about
    everything Itachi did for
    the village and comes to a
    Sasuke: I will postpone
    my anger toward the
    village and unleash it onto
    Madara Uchiha. Besides I
    made a promise to
    someone that I’ll kill him
    before I go after the
    Tobirama: Just as I…..
    [Hashirama looks at
    Tobirama, he stops and
    shrugs he’s stare off]
    Hashirama: hahahaha so
    be it. Or you at least
    satisfied for now.
    Sasuke: Yes.
    Suigetsu: (What’s so funny
    about Sasuke’s resolve to
    destroy the leaf village
    despite everything he
    Hiruzen: [sigh], it’s better
    than the alternative, so
    let’s go we have a war to
    Orochimaru: I’ve released
    my restrains you can
    move as you please.
    Minato: Great, everyone
    hold onto my shoulder
    we’re teleporting to the
    Suigestu, juugo, Sasuke,
    the first and second
    hokage: !?
    Tobirama: (teleport?)
    Orochimaru: I see you will
    use the kunai that kakashi
    still carries with him to
    teleport us right in the
    middle of the battlefield.
    Hiruzen: observant as
    always Orochimaru.
    Tobirama: (I see) So you
    use a seal to jump to the
    desire place nice jutsu
    Minato: My name is
    Minato and it’s a great
    honor to be praise by you
    *scence switch to Naruto
    and the shinboi alliance
    battling Madara in perfect
    susanoo form while the
    juubi is on a rampage*
    Naruto: (urg, so this is
    Madara’s true power? And
    we still have the juubi to
    deal with)
    Kakashi: Don’t let up
    Madara: it’s futile!
    [Madara was about to
    deliver the finishing blow
    ?: wood release living
    wooden soul
    [the wood jutsu stops
    Madara in his tracks]
    Everyone is shocked by
    Madara: (this is, there is
    only one person could
    have done that!)
    * Taka, Orochimaru, and
    the four Hokages stand in
    front of kakashi and
    naruto, Everyone is
    Minato: Nice to see you
    two again, Kakashi and
    Naruto: Dad!?
    Kakashi: Sensei!?
    Obito: !?..Sensei….
    Naruto manga 622
    prediction ends.

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    I like it.

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    this is wayyy to long :D

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Why is it going to turn into a battle chapter(not that I mine) when he trying to cure his hatred

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    It would be awesome if something like this happens..i think..

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Quote Originally Posted by PainTotheEarth View Post
    this is wayyy to long :D
    It's just the way it's formatted bro.

    Op: Not bad. ^.^

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    I love it. But why does Madara have Vegeta lines lol. It explains how Madara got Hashi Dna. By being pierced he could have taken a piece of the wood.

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    too much for 2 chapters, this would be like 5 at least

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    good prediction. i like it bro

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Love it. Hope this happens

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Damn hard to read in this format, next time try to do something about that. Nice prediction anyway.

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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    thanks to all who liked it
    and sorry for the format as the upload was through mobile. ;-)
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    Re: 621 and 622 prediction (I found this one)

    Great prediction

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