Naruto 621 The Truth
Tobirama(thinking):While brother tells his story i should see if i can find a way to free myself
Tobirama(thinking):lets see with my brothers cells orochimaru was able to enhance the hold of the edo tensei not only does he have better control over it but he was able to bring us almost back to full power.
Tobirama(thinking):i have a solution let me give it a (tobirama stops)
Tobirama(thinking):wait what is this feeling the kyuubi its coming from this room but its only yin chakra no wonder i couldn't sense it the first time but where is yang chakra
Tobirama begins trying to sense out the battlefield
Tobirama(thinking):so they were not lying madara is on the battle field but there is another one it is way to strong to be tsunades judging by the signature it is of mitos clan but its also seems to be related to the fourth!?
Tobirama(thinking):what are you keeping a secret fourth?
Hashirama:Let me begin with the senju and uchiha clan
madara is shown in his susanoo blocking the tailed beast which hashirama used with his wood golem
Hashirama:Before this fight as many would know we fought each other for many years but this time both of us knew it would be are final fight it was the fight for the title of hokage
All are suprised but tobirama
Orochimaru: interesting
Hashirama:I told Madara both of us could rule together but he declined
Hashirama begin to cry shocking everyone
Hashirama:i thought of another solution
Everyone in shock but tobirama and sasuke
Sasuke: A fight to the death
Hiruzen: hashi how could you
Hashirama: hiruzen you wouldn't understand
Hashirama:I myself was held as the strongest ninja of that time and for the that fact Madara resented me but that wasn't the real reason that he hated me so much.
Sasuke: Then why was it?
Tears began to drop on the ground from hashirama face
Tobirama: brother there is no need to go any further
Tobirama even begans to tear up as he balls up his fist
Hashirama: I killed his brother
Everyone is shocked
The End